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First DreamShare Funding Campaign

When we come to the end of another year, we all wonder about what the next will be like, what the fights will be and what the achievements will be. For you to put your best expectations on the rails, we want to invite you to participate in our special promotion and so have something already designed for the new year.

Dreamweek aims to finance 4 projects in October 2019 and one of them can be yours. To fully enter this promotion for free and compete for one of our paid plans, you must invite at least 6 people through your personal account.

A little bit about what we do at Dreamsweek

Dreamsweek is a project platform, ranging from something personal like a home to a global projection company.

We believe that a good idea should turn into a dream, that dream into a project and this one in a reality when being funded. This is not done without proper preparation of the individual.Our proposal is simple, to offer training through personal development, training for business and social entrepreneurship.

Within the platform the member can monetize his account in order to prepare for his venture and hiring great professionals from the market to put his project in focus.

When that happens, our team will select some to be funded through our community in the monthly campaign called DreamShare.

By the way, you can make money using our referral system and start forming your average American income through our Amdreall program.

This occurs when you invite a person and she decides on a paid plan. Our referral system will reward you with commission and bonuses based on your membership.

To start your dream journey, follow these steps:

FirstYou Must Subscribe To Our Platform By Clicking Here.

SecondFill In Your Details By Choosing A Unique Nickname;

ThirdVerify Your Account By Accessing Your Inbox. If You Do Not Find Anything There, Look For Our Email In Your Spam Box;

FourthCheck Your Data And Put A Photo Or An Avatar;

FifthAccess Your Subscription, Click On Refmark And Accept To Be An Affiliate By Clicking On The Button;

SixthAccess Your Refmark Panel. Copy Your Referral Link And Send It To Your Friends Saying About What It Is About And They Do The Same.


1- Opening the platform to the public (August 31, 2018)

2- Marketing Campaigns

– Talk Dream Live – Live event talking about success stories;

– DBO Event – Dinner and Business Opportunity;

– Webinars – Online training;

– Prime 200 – Project partners – Orlando and Mundo;

– WorkPro – Internet marketing professionals invited.

– Sowers Team – National, regional and local teams.

3- DreamShare Campaign

– The first campaign will open in December / 2019;

– This first campaign will last 3 months;

– The 4 projects of Prime members to be financed will be announced.

4- Members

– Free members can apply for paid plans;

– Members will have the first Dreapel Training available;

– People will be able to register and choose their plans;

– Members will be able to start building their Amdreall;

– Paid members can submit their projects;

“And as soon as we open the first campaign, everyone can give their support;

– All members will be eligible for the first DreamShare Campaign.

Note: In the month following the first financing we will have DreamShare Reward, where the delivery of the financed amount will take place and the next 4 projects will be announced.

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The Zacch Mind Style

By Wil Freire Dreamsweek Team

There are many things in life that we cannot understand and others we do not want to follow. Those that we cannot understand, we probably will not need, as long as we really cannot understand, even if we make exhaustive attempts. But those we do not want to follow are likely paths that would take us to high places and perhaps without even realizing that we would find the real meaning of our existence there.

ZacchMind is a transformed mind. A way of thinking and acting in favor of a noble cause. It is a change of attitude from someone who is faced with the truth when it opens up in front of you. It is a mental and emotional disposition of an individual who is confronted with the reality of life that it need not be in the way they teach us, but in the way, it should be: genuine, generous, and selfless.

There is a man who has correctly learned the art of doing the wrong things within the legal rules and has lived for many years as if such facts were absolute truths.

Sometimes we try to convince ourselves that things are more important than people. Yes, we try, why even a human being cannot do such something consciously. The misery of others no longer moves us, and our eyes are often on the next releases of our favorite brand, and less on relevant facts of real life.

ZacchMind is the will of a person who decides radically to change his systematic style, by another more humane. When people choose to share what they love most, it is already a clear sign that their love is moving to the right address.

If for a long time the dream of obtaining things for our delight, purely and simply, sucked all our sensibility, all that this entailed was to break in the middle our original generosity.

Joining the parts is something that requires strength, determination, and courage. Many men died at the height of their riches, and they could do nothing for them. They did great things for themselves and very little for others. Soon, everything that was built was not able to bring about significant changes, and all they could have done was along with them to the grave.

But some people decide to take the risk and pay the price. They surrender to the reality of life and do not mind doing things that can make them small to their admirers. They do what must be done, without taking away their inherent merits and capabilities.

The man whom we are taking as a model of attitude lived more than two thousand years ago. Your life example gives his name to this theme. He did the wrong things in your life until he came across the reality of real life. He had power for many things, but not the ability to see the truth. For this, he needed to climb a tree, to get a better view of what was going on so crucial in that place. His initiative to do something similar to ordinary people was a courageous attitude, which in the end led him to the personal confrontation of those who have many and many with so little.

ZacchMind comes from a man named Zaccheus. It comes from what was born in his mind when he came across the reality of a meaningless life. Living accumulating wealth, and part of it illicitly, made absolutely no sense when others had almost nothing to eat. It was then that he decided to distribute half of his goods and give them to the poor.

ZacchMind is a radical change in our lifestyle. It is a paradigm shift that the system teaches us how people who earn a lot of money should behave.

If you are prepared for this new ZacchMind behavior, welcome to the Club.

We aim to live our dreams intensely and fulfill our purpose, leading others to discover their talents and potential to follow such a path. This is a challenge that requires courage and attitude, to reach the top of our fulfillment so that we can do a little more for each other.

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Dream and Purpose

In this post, I want to talk particularly about dreams and purpose. For us to get there, we must tread down a sowing path. And no one can have a plantation and, consequently, a good harvest if there is not an expert sower.

You must surely have heard someone say: God has a purpose for your life! And you must have thought, yeah, but He has it for everyone!

Well, it's true. He has it for everyone because nobody came into this world without a definite purpose. But perhaps what you do not know is that your goal is unique; it is yours, and if you do nothing with it, unfortunately, others will not be able to do it. And this is merely disappointing and sad.

Before dreams, there is a purpose, for it is through it that ideas are born in the soul and occupy the mind and heart. The reason that dreams exist is, first and foremost, because there is a purpose.

Because there is a purpose and because we want to reach it, we begin to dream to achieve it.

Here is precisely the reason that so many people do not dream or, instead, do not put their dreams into practice. Some do not know their purpose, and others, when visualizing the dimension of their mission, become discouraged. Most prefer the comfort and security of their fixed, regular employment, for example.

There is nothing wrong with a fixed, regular employment; the mistake is just when you have a dream more significant than this job. In this case, your purpose is compromised because you do not get so far, so high, without flying risky flights towards that goal, which often implies leaving your comfort zone.

Dreams are well-positioned steps, used so that we can reach and fulfill our purpose. The purpose is the reason for our existence, and if we live a life without discovering the revolution that it can do in our lives, we will undoubtedly be the unhappiest of beings.

Having a reason for our existence, we cannot die without discovering the revolution that it can do in our lives! If something significant and revolutionary happens to me, it will be impossible for other people not to be hit.

About dreams, I can say that we can have several of them, but we only have one purpose. That is why we cannot miss the target, resulting in an incomplete life, devoid of passion for talent and potential, pillars of the construction of an entirely realized life.

All our dreams must converge for this purpose because it is higher than my thoughts and undoubtedly the reason for my existence..

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Finding the Courage to Grow

Have you ever thought about the essential ingredient for growth? It’s the one thing you absolutely must have if you want to increase your ability to get better in any area. And yet it’s often the hardest thing for a person seeking growth to find.

What might that one thing be?


Now, that may sound a bit overstated, but I promise you it’s not. The appeal of just “good enough” is powerful, so whenever someone decides to go beyond “good enough,” there is always push-back. You see, people love average. Average doesn’t require much more than showing up. Average gets you through life with minimal fuss, which makes it very appealing to some folks.

And that’s okay. People can be average. But average people often want others to be average too, and that’s where the challenge comes in. When you decide to grow, it threatens average, and the push-back inevitably begins. Suddenly, growth doesn’t look so appealing.

But if you’re committed to be the best person you can be, if you’re committed to something greater than average, you must choose to grow. And that starts with finding the courage you need.

So, where do you look? Here are three significant sources of courage for your personal growth:


Anything you do in life requires other people, and finding the courage to grow is no exception. We all need cheerleaders, people who are in our corner giving us the confidence and courage to take on challenges. As Truett Cathy once said, “How do you know if someone needs encouragement? If they are breathing.” Spending time with even one or two people who believe in you and in your ability to grow will do wonders for your courage.


A close second to encouraging people is encouraging environments. Whether it’s your office, your church, your community or your home, you need to spend time in places where your growth is not only allowed, but embraced. I believe so much in creating an environment that encourages growth that it’s something I strive for within my own organizations. I want team members to know, from the moment they join us, that they have support in pursuing their growth goals. Don’t minimize the importance of this in your life. Environment has a huge impact on all of us. Make sure to spend the majority of your time in an encouraging one.


Lastly, you can often find the courage you need in the words of other people. That’s one of the reasons I decided to write books: to be able, with words on the page, to offer courage to grow to people I might never get to meet. But maybe books aren’t your thing; perhaps you need some other way to get positive words into your soul. Encouraging words can be gathered from a wide variety of sources, like web seminars, podcasts, or online videos. Just make sure the people you choose to listen to have your interests at heart more than their own.

Growth isn’t for the timid. It takes honesty to admit that you aren’t as good as you could be. But being honest about your need for growth is only half the battle; to truly see change, you must summon the courage to act. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Courage [is] not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” If you’re looking for courage to conquer fear and grow, surround yourself with encouragement.

Novembro 29, 2016

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