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DreamShare is a campaign promoted by Dreamsweek and its partners to fund some projects monthly. We understand that all dreams and plans are factors of riches but also of personal fulfillment. Therefore we cannot allow so many riches to continue to be buried, and dreams interrupted for lack of support. DreamShare stands as this support to make these dreams a project and turning them into reality.

How does Guests-100's campaign work?

1- Social Sower

Social Sower invite 100 people from your social networks

2- Guest-Dreamer

The 100 guests do their part: project, engagement, and support.

3- Sower's Team

We are all committed to financing the projects

4- Funded Guest

4 are selected to choose one of them for financing.

How to get the discount for the Guests Program

The campaign and program are exclusive to Social Sower guests. But in this first Dreamshare, all those who decide to support by making a contribution, get a discount of 99% to be able to participate in the program.

The discount is within the support form. You must check the checkbox to receive the discount in your email

DreamShare Campaign 



Percentage of project value currently being funded.
Step One: $ 400K



Percentage of to be funded
Final Step:  $ 8 million

1st. DreamShare

Annual Support

What You'll Discover in this 4-Step Below:

First DreamShare

This first 6-month DreamShare involves twenty selected members. The support made here is to reach up to $ 400 thousand for each participant. If the amount collected is below the target, it will be divided equally.

Annual Support in 12 Times

Here you can set your monthly support amount based on your plan or not, and every month this will be recurring on your account for one year.

Monthly Support in 6 Times

Exclusively for this campaign, you can support a specific amount and divide it into six times for six months, one support every 30 days.

Support for all Campaigns

This form is not unique to this campaign; it is for all of them: previous, current, and others in the future. The previous ones are some campaigns that have not reached their value.


WorkPro Members

GuestDreamers are all participants of our contest, coming primarily from the audience of a WorkPro members and Social Sowers.

  • Free

  • Four Guests

  • Rewards

Free Participation

The GuestDreamer contest is part of the DreamShare Campaign that gets our guests to participate with just a free plan.

This is a simple choice where a person attending a WorkPro audience is a DreamShare participant. Being in this campaign by no means means that it will be funded; this possibility requires effort and support from each of the people involved.

Social Sowers

Social Sowers are partners from whom the 20 candidates from the first campaign will appear.

Social Sowers are active people on their social networks and invited to be part of this first campaign. The goal is that they invite 100 users of their audience so that among them, one is selected to occupy one of the 20 vacancies and be financed in the Dreamshare campaign.

You can find out a litt le about them right below, and if you want to know them a little more feel free to visit their pages on social media

Diego Moraes

Social Sower 

Juliana Domene

Social Sower

Sandria Sousa

Social Sower

José Rodrigo

Social Sower

Sower's Gallery
Thank You For Your Support!


Gassyla Russel

$5 November 3, 2020

Francisco Viana

$5 August 21, 2020

Apoiar é gratificante!

Anonymous User


$72 June 1, 2020
Anonymous User


$5 May 27, 2020
Anonymous User


$5 May 22, 2020
Anonymous User


$11 May 14, 2020

Gassy Russel

$40 May 2, 2020

Marcos Furtado

$5 April 28, 2020

Eu apoio toda e qualquer iniciativa que possa de… View donor

Eu apoio toda e qualquer iniciativa que possa de alguma forma levar as pessoas a atingir suas metas na vida.

Anonymous User


$40 January 26, 2020

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