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First DreamShare Funding Campaign

When we come to the end of another year, we all wonder about what the next will be like, what the fights will be and what the achievements will be. For you to put your best expectations on the rails, we want to invite you to participate in our special promotion and so have something already designed for the new year.

Dreamweek aims to finance 4 projects in October 2019 and one of them can be yours. To fully enter this promotion for free and compete for one of our paid plans, you must invite at least 6 people through your personal account.

A little bit about what we do at Dreamsweek

Dreamsweek is a project platform, ranging from something personal like a home to a global projection company.

We believe that a good idea should turn into a dream, that dream into a project and this one in a reality when being funded. This is not done without proper preparation of the individual.Our proposal is simple, to offer training through personal development, training for business and social entrepreneurship.

Within the platform the member can monetize his account in order to prepare for his venture and hiring great professionals from the market to put his project in focus.

When that happens, our team will select some to be funded through our community in the monthly campaign called DreamShare.

By the way, you can make money using our referral system and start forming your average American income through our Amdreall program.

This occurs when you invite a person and she decides on a paid plan. Our referral system will reward you with commission and bonuses based on your membership.

To start your dream journey, follow these steps:

FirstYou Must Subscribe To Our Platform By Clicking Here.

SecondFill In Your Details By Choosing A Unique Nickname;

ThirdVerify Your Account By Accessing Your Inbox. If You Do Not Find Anything There, Look For Our Email In Your Spam Box;

FourthCheck Your Data And Put A Photo Or An Avatar;

FifthAccess Your Subscription, Click On Refmark And Accept To Be An Affiliate By Clicking On The Button;

SixthAccess Your Refmark Panel. Copy Your Referral Link And Send It To Your Friends Saying About What It Is About And They Do The Same.


1- Opening the platform to the public (August 31, 2018)

2- Marketing Campaigns

– Talk Dream Live – Live event talking about success stories;

– DBO Event – Dinner and Business Opportunity;

– Webinars – Online training;

– Prime 200 – Project partners – Orlando and Mundo;

– WorkPro – Internet marketing professionals invited.

– Sowers Team – National, regional and local teams.

3- DreamShare Campaign

– The first campaign will open in December / 2019;

– This first campaign will last 3 months;

– The 4 projects of Prime members to be financed will be announced.

4- Members

– Free members can apply for paid plans;

– Members will have the first Dreapel Training available;

– People will be able to register and choose their plans;

– Members will be able to start building their Amdreall;

– Paid members can submit their projects;

“And as soon as we open the first campaign, everyone can give their support;

– All members will be eligible for the first DreamShare Campaign.

Note: In the month following the first financing we will have DreamShare Reward, where the delivery of the financed amount will take place and the next 4 projects will be announced.