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How our strategy can help you have passive income and your funded projects

You will be provided with a practical plan that can lead you toward accomplishing your aspirations and funding your ventures.

Financing & Passive Income

You will receive and execute a plan capable of taking you to achieve your dreams and finance your projects!

What we do

We provide funding for projects and create a steady source of income for individuals, no matter where they live.

We are a project financing platform. We fund individual and corporate projects through events that are inspired and supported by the community.

This is a special program for anyone willing to support our fundraiser with the opportunity to submit their project and even make $50,000 to $300,000 in passive income annually.

We can do it together in six steps.

1- Access the Training

Sign up today for free and unlock exclusive training content. Make sure to choose a distinctive username when creating your account.

2- Make a Support

When you choose to contribute to the campaign, you'll receive a unique gift that allows for effortless participation in the program.

3- Receive a Coupon

You will receive an amazing coupon with a 99% discount that will allow you to submit your project and join the income program. It's a truly special gift!

4- Choose a Plan

By using the coupon code, you have the flexibility to opt for either the standard or premium membership plan on our platform. You can select the plan that aligns with your specific requirements.

5- Build Your Income

Now that you've laid the groundwork, it's time to start building your recurring passive income. As you sow your seeds, you'll soon begin to reap the rewards of your work.

6- Send Your Project

Moving forward, you have the option to draft a concise summary of your project and forward it to the funding line. If you happen to be Guest-100, you'll be thrilled to know that you're already in line for $400k funding.

Here is an opportunity to buy your house or finance your projects.

This is a project funding campaign and an income program. When you decide to support it by making a contribution, we also decide to reward you with a special coupon. The discount is within the support form. You must check the checkbox to receive the discount in your email

Opportunity For External Guests

Even if you are not part of the Social Sower network, you have the opportunity to participate.

Please note that registering as an External Guest is different from registering for the training. By registering as an External Guest, you will have the chance to win one of 100 spots in the dream house financing campaign.

The vision of the Dream Home
Today - Register for Free

The vision of the Dream Home
Today - Register for Free


Book your place between the 100 guests

If you are not part of our Social Sowers Networks, fill out this form and join the external guest queue.

why we do it

Because your ideas, plans, and dreams cannot die.

Your ideas, plans, and dreams are valuable and full of potential. They are a reflection of your unique perspective and experiences, and they should never be dismissed or forgotten. Even if obstacles arise, remember that your ideas, plans, and dreams cannot die.

They may evolve, change shape, or take a different path, but they will always be a part of you. Keep nurturing them, refining them, and pursuing them, because they have the power to shape your future and make a difference in the world.

We want to bring out your potential.

“If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”
Zig Ziglar

Just like you, there are millions of people who have the same needs and desires to implement their business ideas. If we help others, just as we hope they will help us, we will create opportunities for ourselves.

Our goal is to unlock the potential and wealth in every person's mind and heart. If we work together to do this for a larger group of people, we will ultimately reap the benefits as well.

Note: Please bear in mind that you have the option to remain completely anonymous while going through this process. You can simply use your username and email without revealing any personal information.

how we do it

Sowing and Sharing

By coming together and sharing our knowledge and resources, we can create a brighter future for ourselves and our loved ones.

1- We share because we have

Our goal is to build a community of individuals and families who are financially stable and able to support others in achieving the same level of success. We believe that everyone deserves to live a dignified life and have access to the resources they need to thrive. 

2- We sow because we believe

We are on the lookout for individuals and families who are familiar with or interested in learning about the law of sowing. It is only through sowing that we can reap and have an abundance to give back to others.

Sower's Team

about the three personalities involved.


Social Sower
  • As a platform partner, the Social Sower has the privilege of inviting 100 individuals from its social networks to participate in a project financing campaign for free.
  • In order to help a qualified Guest Dreamer, he will need to utilize all of his talents and abilities to raise up to $400,000.
  • To complete this challenge, one is required to assemble a team consisting of Prime-9 members and Sponsors.


  • Sponsors serve as fundraisers for Dreamshare funding campaigns and are usually invited by a Social Sower or one of their Prime Nine.
  • If the Sponsor has received an invitation from a Social Sower, they must join your team to assist you in achieving your objective.
  • Sponsors have the ability to form their own team of sowers regardless of whether they received an invitation or not.


  • The Guest Dreamers refers to the initial 100 guests of Social Sower who have registered for the dream house funding campaign without any registration fee.
  • Out of the 100 individuals who were invited, the top four with the highest scores will be chosen for a public assessment of their projects.
  • The funding amount will be awarded to the project that is deemed most relevant from the community's perspective.

DreamShare Campaign 

How Does Guests-100 Campaign Work?

1- Social Sower

Social Sower must invite 100 people among your friends and your social networks.

2- Guest-Dreamer

The 100 guests contribute through their engagement and support.

3- Sponsors

The sponsors have made a commitment to support the projects.

4- Funded Guest

Out of a hundred candidates, only four are selected to be considered for financing.

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