About Prime 200

Every large company needs investors; we just need accreditors.

Table of origin of Prime

1- The Primes is the first people to believe in our project and to invest in our proposal by becoming a primary member.

2-This decision will place them in a prominent position on our platform.

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    The first campaign will be carried out with 4 Prime.
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    They can reach Amdreal in less time.
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    They will able to earn significant bonuses at our launch.
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    They will have become our partners in future projects.
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    The Prime can be international speakers.

3- The Prime location:

1st. City - Orlando
2nd. State - Florida
3rd. Country - USA
4th. Country - Canada
5th. Country - Brazil
6th. Around the World

Important Notes:
1- Orlando is Dreamsweek's preferred place for Prime 200 membership. People who live in other places in Florida come second on the list.

2- The people who live in Orlando and other places in Florida are invited and chosen by our team and the existing Prime 200; that means they cannot come without an invitation from us.

3- If vacancies remain, people from other US locations will have priority, then Canada and Brazil.

4- People from other locations than Orlando or Florida cities should send us their professional resume for review.

5. All Prime 200 members must live in the USA. Those who wish to be members and live in other countries should have the willing to move to Orlando preferentially.

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