Setting Up Your Account

in just 5 simple steps


Let's get your account ready for success by taking a few minutes together.

Hi Dreamer!
In this tutorial, we will learn how to set up your new account and get it ready to take off. So, the first thing to do is access it right now!

Step 1

Access your account by logging in.

We will see some significant points on the platform that will lead us to understand in a simple way its operation.

Let's go-ahead

The first thing to do is to remember your username and password that you created when you signed up.

If you don't remember, you can search among the first emails received and there you will find your Username. You can log in with him or your email to reset your password if you need to

Enter your credentials, username, and password and access your account.

Step 2

setting up your account

Within the account, the first thing to do is to configure your profile.
If you prefer to put an avatar over a photo, then you can set up an avatar here.

Follow These Steps.

1- In the top menu, hover over more.
2- Right after on panel.
3- Select the profile
4- Click on the edit profile and fill in all relevant fields.
5- Reset your favorite avatar.
6- Click on save changes.

Step 3

Accessing the refmark panel

If you try to access your Refmark Dashboard without having chosen a plan even though it is free, you will see a message saying that this is a member area, which in this case here is specific to our Amdreall program.
So what you have to do is go back to your Registration Panel, click on registration, go down to the Free plan and sign up for this Plan.

Herewith your free-forever account you can build your Amdreall. You now have the opportunity to leverage a basic American-like income whether or not you are within the United States.

First Click on the subscription

When you click on subscriptions in the menu bar you will see the price tables and will be able to select your preferred plan.

Sign up for a Free Plan

Before you even select a paid plan, you can define the free plan to access some pages as a Refmark panel.

In your registration panel, you can always have a paid plan and a free plan.

For example: if you have a paid Plus plan and it is not renewed at the end of your subscription, it automatically falls to this Free Plan.

Step 4

Refmark Program

You can voluntarily participate in the Amdreall program through our Refmark system. To enjoy the full potential of this tool you must click on Refmark in the red menu to accept this option.

Step 5

PayPal account to receive payments

Inside the Refmark Panel, the first thing to do is to enter your email with which you have a Paypal account in order to receive your commissions and bonuses.

Step 6

Using a Custom Slug

A Slug allows you to use your Refmark (Referral Marketing) link to invite people or advertise on websites and social networks without revealing your Nickname or your Tracking ID.


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