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Personal and Global Marketing

Learn how to use our Referral Marketing tool and build a passive and recurring average American income.

In this new tutorial, we will learn how to set up your Refmark account and get it ready for sharing. So, the first thing to do is access it right now!

About This Tutorial

This tutorial has the purpose of getting you to implement a personal or global marketing system within our Dreamsweek platform.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including cell phones and any other digital medium.

For a long time, the power of large-scale Marketing was restricted to a few companies. Small and medium-sized companies have become millionaires by investing heavily in advertising.

personal marketing

Usually, this is the type of Marketing where you appear and it is done for free.

Marketing Face to Face

- We have Face to Face Starbuck
- And Fac
e to Face House Meeting

- And then Online Marketing.

-WhatsApp -Email -Facebook -Grupos -Instagram

-Youtube -Hangout -Twitter -LinkedIn -Messenger

Using your potential for personal marketing

Personal Marketing Face To Face

For us, this is the cheapest marketing and also the most efficient. Here people know who you are, trust you and are willing to listen to what you have to say.
They will be delighted to have a coffee with you and will be willing to come to your home to hear your business proposal. Your expense will be just a coffee at Starbucks or dinner at your home. This is face-to-face marketing, where it can be done with informality or even a moment of leisure.

Online personal marketing

We say personal because somehow you show up, whether in person or online, that is, people know who you are and see you.

You can use your WhatsApp, your E-mail, Facebook and Instagram, in addition to using apps for live streaming that allows you to talk to people in different locations in real-time.

Global Marketing

Unlike the previous one, this is impersonal marketing, that is, you don't show up and nobody knows who you are.

Some people want to do business on the internet without being recognized, so we respect those who think so by making it possible. This process starts from the moment you sign up, which goes through your marketing until you receive your commissions and bonuses.

For example, you can advertise in Time Magazine, the Washington Post, CNN and dozens of other online media outlets around the world.

You know that it is possible to do global marketing on social networks, but we want to highlight at this point Blogs, Portals, Magazines, and Online Newspapers because they give us a safer way when we don't want to appear.

Landing pages of training and courses to do your Marketing and build your income

Well, after learning some of our types of marketing mentioned here, you can put them into practice right now. For this, we are constantly building new Landing Pages with different content in different languages so that you can do your marketing anywhere in the world, whether in the United States, Europe or any other country, as in Brazil in this example below.

Our Personal Marketing is more connected to your friends, people you love and are interested in them, wanting to see them well in a path of achievements and fulfillment.
Our Global Marketing is on the construction of your income, which we call “Average American Income”. It consists of a basic, medium and high income taking into account the type of plan that each person has on our platform.

So no matter where you are right now, the important thing is to know that you have a work tool that allows you to build something so wonderful that it looks like a dream at no cost.

But that is our goal, to allow you to dream!

Why your dream is our goal!

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Learn in this tutorial how to make your digital marketing personal and global using some simple tools.

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