Dream sower's journey

Be aware of the greatness of your purpose and build your dreams as a platform to establish it.

The reason that dreams exist is, first of all, because there is a purpose.

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Appetizer One

dreams and purpose
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In this first episode of the appetizer series, Wil Freire will focus on the two foundations of a fulfilled life: Dream and purpose!...

The purpose is the reason for our existence and if we live all our years without discovering the revolution it can make in our lives, we will certainly be unhappy and incomplete.

Appetizer Two

The three types of people
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In this second appetizer Wil Freire, takes us to an approach of three types of people. People with desires, dreams, and purpose,

Your intention here is to get you to understand that desires are a phase of immaturity, dreams a middle phase, and purpose the exact stature of a man or woman in his state of greatness.

Appetizer Three

value generation
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In this third “appetizer” I want to take you to an approach on the importance of generating value.

Although we all have a personal value, there are many in our generation living in a bubble, trapped in an invisible force field, limiting their full potential.

We want to motivate you to build your dreams and unveil your purpose.


Wil Freire
Orlando, FL (USA)

Wil Freire is the creator of the Dreamsweek platform, a growing project finance network based in Orlando.

Its goal is to help people realize their dreams and projects, something that is fully aligned with their deepest aspirations, involving their talents, potential, and purpose.

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