Official Rules

Our Official Rules

Our rules described here are an integral part of our terms of service. To be an active member of our dreamsweek.com platform, you must accept them and agree with all points discussed here. By accepting our terms, you also agree to our rules.

DreamShare Campaign

Three Important Notes

The first thing you need to know is that funding is from the voluntary support of our members, from people they invite, or from people who identify with our cause.

Second, Dreamsweek does not finance projects; who funds them is the community itself. We offer a membership service where users can introduce themselves and the community to our partners and get involved in making this project a reality.

Third, you pay a membership fee annually. As a paid member, you can submit your project for evaluation, you can become an affiliate, and you can earn commissions and bonuses while making use of our referral marketing system.

What You Should Know

1- When you are elected to DreamShare, you are aware that 16.5% of the corresponding amount will be deducted for expenses, fees, and rewards from Sower’s Team.

2- Your support is a spontaneous donation offered by you to a member and, therefore, cannot be returned. Your contribution is disinterested in rewards, although the funded member can provide such incentives.

3- Every time four projects are funded before the next projects join the campaign, a Prime member, two Guests and a Sower Team member will be funded. The next four members are released precisely during the financing period of one of them.

4- Dreamsweek has the prerogative of choosing the projects to be funded. Although we can choose any of the paid plans for DreamShare, we do not do it randomly. We use some prerequisites to reach the candidates of the month, such as project goal, engagement, and generosity.

5- The member accepts and agrees without any divergence that the projects to be selected by Dreamsweek are of their entire competence, but that the community or public choose the order of funding through voting.

6- The final value of each financing

– For a member, it is not enough to only reach the number of the value of the DreamShare table; a higher amount must be reached because of the bonuses and rates.

– A DreamerTen, for example, has to reach approximate $1,928,000, which is the total of DS $1610,000 + $318,000 of fees and bonuses.

7- The maximum number of projects chosen for the month is 16 members, 1 Prime, 1 member of Sower'sTeam, and 2 Guests. If the total amount collected exceeds 20 projects, the extra amount will go to the next campaign.

8- If in a given month only one of the first four projects are financed, for example, the other three go to DreamShare the following month. In that case, these three become the first to be funded and the one new ones soon after, observing the DreamShare order of funding.

9- Example: If only DreamerTen is financed in a campaign, then the next campaign must enter a new DreamerTen and funding starts with DreamerPLUS, then DreamerBacker and DreamerOne, both from the previous campaign. The permanence of these projects will only be for one more campaign.

10- As a member, you can be anonymous if you want. If this is your choice, you can hide your email and use only your nickname and an avatar.

11- But there are some situations in which a specific member must be anonymous: when a Top 10 or 100 is selected for the SeedBonus and when the member is selected among the 16 projects for DreamShare

12- Each paid member must have written biography. When a user is selected for the DreamShare campaign, this text will be placed on the voting page. Therefore, it must be something that does not reveal what the public can not know.

13- The actual commission for Dreamsweek is 6.5%. We paid 3% for expenses with credit or debit card transactions, leaving us with only 3.5%. To compensate for this loss, we ask supporters to cover this difference. If they cover we keep our earnings if we do not bear these expenses. So whether they cover or not, the discounts for each campaign remain 16.5%.

Plans Rules
Free Plan
1- The free member will only have the compensations if the indicated people opt for a paid plan.
2- Free member only earn a bonus from intermediate, when it refers four people.
3- In the Free Plan, the member will only have a recurring commission when indicating nine people. When they renew their signatures, the Free user earns 10% of recurring commission.

Plan Plus and One

1- All support received minus the expenses and tax is entirely from the member.

2- Your commitment will be with the community; he should record a video or write a testimony speaking for example that realized his dream of having his own house or opened his company.

Plan Ten

1- All members of this plan must identify with ZacchMind and participate in the Nineten Club. This means that the member of this plan must prepare to donate up to 50% of their revenue.

2- Approved DreamerTen members and DreamShare participants, when not funded during a campaign, will be released in the private folder “NineTen.” The projects that are there can be financed by the Club as well.

3- Those who were not funded in the campaign now have two chances; they can return to DreamShare and can also be funded by the Club.

Plan Backer

1- The Bascker plan is to invest in the US, whether citizens or foreigners. Its primary commitments are to buy one of the franchises of our partners or to invest in one of the associated projects — Prime Business, Outer Partner, and Daivoos, among others. There is no fixed amount, like in Plan Ten.

2- The Backer Plan should also find ways when your project is in place, by funding through new member promotions, giving gift card registration, etc., so that people without financial conditions can be members and send their projects.

3- As an investor, this member may want to fund one of the projects submitted to DreamShare. In that case, Dreamsweek could be a link between them so that they can build a lasting and secure partnership.

4- The Backer member commits to donating to NGOs registered in DreamsWeek.

5 – Above all, the Backer member is free to engage in any endeavor that resembles that presented by him on DreamShare, as long as he invests in the USA. He may choose any company other than the ones indicated by us.


1 – A networker can not enter through another plan (Plus, One, Ten, or Backer) as a professional. If this occurs, he may suffer the penalties and be denied the right to participate in Dreamsweek. However, he can enter through a Free Plan.

2- A WorkPro can enter through a Free Plan and earn up to 15% for each person he refers to a 10% recurring commission. In this Plan, he can make his campaigns every month.

3 – After the end of its cycle, the Pro member can open a new account and start a new Cycle.

4 – Each signed plan gives WorkPro the right to complete a cycle and stay with it forever, that is, keeping your affiliates or joining others, should some leave.

Social Sower
Social Sowers are members that have a small, medium, or large audience on their social networks. They can express a desire to participate in Dreamshare campaigns or they can be invited by Dreamsweek or other Social Sowers.

Every month we will have a Social Sower participating in the financing campaign in order to invite 100 people from your audience to apply for a free spot on Dreamshare.

Dreamsweek selects the final four members and the community votes on the most relevant project to occupy the tenth position among the 20 candidates.

Each Social Sower has a personal page within the platform to do its marketing, even after the end of the campaigns.

Social Sower is a regular member who has one of our four basic plans. Their difference lies in the ability to sow to a larger number of people using their social pages and their personal page on the platform.

Important Note About All Plans:

The member should only have one plan for each account besides subscriber. At the end of 12 months, the member can renew your plan, or the account automatically becomes a free subscriber.

The member can change the plan type as many times as desired before completing the 3rd cycle. After receiving 729 references, this change will no longer be allowed. Your 4th cycle should close with the plan that is being used at the time.

Both commissions and bonuses will only be paid in the month following that in which the references have been paid in cash. If the member chooses to split up the plan, then the amounts will be paid according to these installments, which can be 5 or 6 times.

Affiliate Program

1- No one can participate without sowing in a member. It all starts with a sowing. Everyone, whether invited or not, must join through an affiliate link, that is, everyone should enter our platform using a direct or indirect invitation. This we call sowing because it is the first step towards a future harvest.

2- If a member invites a person, then he or she must join through the member’s link.

3- Everyone who enters our system must register through an active member. If someone arrives on our platform without a personal invitation, he or she will be requested to choose one of our Top members.

4- If a person who has arrived here without a member’s reference fails to select a top member at the time of enrollment, DreamsWeek has the prerogative to choose one of our members to fill this gap. This process will occur manually when this fault is detected.

5- If this process is done manually by Dreamsweek, we can not credit the first commission and bonus to the Top member. But he will be able to benefit from the second cycle on and on all renewals of that affiliate.

6- In the Free Plan, the person will only have a recurring commission when indicating six people. When they renew their signatures, the free user earns 10% of recurring commission.

7- An affiliate cannot in any way say that it will build someone’s cycle. The new affiliate must know that they are primarily responsible for their cycle. The system will be in your favor, that is, all those who enter through an already completed cycle are automatically distributed to the next cycle, which can be yours or not.

8- If the cycle of a specific member is advanced, the system will prioritize this so that it is finalized.

9- The first to start forming your 4th cycle with our support will be the one that first reaches the 3th cycle when it is chosen to DSR or DSGC.

10- Our affiliate program includes the right of the members to receive those commissions that are indicated by new members; this is standard on our platform. However, the bonus is not a right but a voluntary award given by DreamsWeek as a bonus and as motivation for the member to reach Amdreall more quickly. Therefore, this bonus can be withdrawn, maintained, decreased, or increased if the circumstances require it.

11- All members except WorkPro will receive the recurring bonuses only when they have completed their first cycle: i.e., they have referred at least nine people.


1- A member who has already obtained SeedBonus may not have it again, even through another account. He must cultivate his cycle so that everyone is active and so he gets the same earnings every year and helps the Top10, Top100, and its Cycle to get the 6561 members.

2- The Top member can open a new account after the 4th cycle, just like any other member. The difference is that only one account can be in the SeedBonus; that is, if it has four accounts, only one of them can be elected to have the support to close its cycle.

3- He cannot change his plans after being elected a top. Everyone can change as many times as they want before of 3rd cycle, but after, being a Top will no longer be allowed. A violation in that sense may have the account suspended by Dreamsweek.

4- Although the income of the referral member, whether from the “Sower,” (when you sow someone), the intention is to get its members to reach the cycles ascending until the 4th, where this member can obtain sowing in its cycle through the SeedBonus.

5. It is not enough to achieve the 4th cycle to participate in SeedBonus; participation in this program is limited exclusively to the Top 10 and Top 100 Members.

6- Top members and all those with the potential to become one must sign up to buy tickets for DSR and DSGC.

7- The first ten members to reach the 3rd Cycle or who have already reached it will be the Top Members of the DSR – DreamShare Reward.

8- The first 100 members to reach the 4th cycle or who have already reached it will be the Top Members of the DSGC – Dream Sowers’ Global Conference.

9- Once a member qualifies as Top, that member will receive SeedBonus from new users who arrive on our platform without any reference or through the deliberate sowing of other members.

10- For a month, our goal will be to get at least 30 new members for each Top, and for a year, 30 new members for each Top 100.

Campaign member selection

1- The first four of each month will be chosen among the 16 members. By completing the funding of the four in the same month, the other four are publicized, and thus, until the end of that monthly campaign, they will be able to reach all the projects.

2- The maximum number of projects chosen for the month is 16 members, one prime, one sower and two GuestDreamer. If the total value for the month exceeds 20 projects, the campaign surplus is set to the following DreamShare.

3- Names are selected in advance. Another three members of each plan are on hold. During this selection, the history of each will be consulted to see if they are DreamsSowers in practice, that is, they have sown in the dreams of the members of the previous campaigns.

4- In case a member is not a sower, he does not qualify at this time. He will be informed about this fact and our principle of sowing, and from then on, he must begin this process in the future campaigns so that he has a new opportunity in the next selections.

5 – The non-funded go to the JUMP folder and wait for a new opportunity to be funded. If they are in the ten plan, those who are there now have two high chances of funding. One by DreamShare and now also by Nineten Club.

6- The Nineten Club will only start financing standby projects when the companies are in full financial condition. They will have the time to make a profit on their ventures to help others establish themselves in the market.

Campaign Project  Selection

1- A member's participation as a supporter of DreamShare campaigns is completely voluntary. But everyone should be aware that this is a practice that can anticipate or delay funding. In a row of dozens of projects, those whose authors have been most generous supporting previous campaigns will be one of the 16 selected to be funded.

2- Generosity is not a mechanism of choice, it is a tiebreaker mechanism. The choice will always be for the best project. If there are 100 good projects the generosity will put yours in the first positions.

3- Each month, the first four dreamers are selected for DreamShare. Upon completing the funding of these four, the other four projects are disclosed. And so it goes, until the end of the monthly campaign.

4- According to the chart below, we can see how the selected projects are positioned in the financing queue. Note that a member Prime is selected in the 5th position, a Guest coming from Social Sower in 10th position, a member of the Sower Team in 15th and lastly a Guest coming from WorkPro in 20th position.

5- Dreamsweek selects the 20 projects strictly, following our rules of choice. But the 16 projects of the members are put to a public vote. Everyone, whether members or not, can vote for whoever they think is the best to compose the first four projects of the DreamShare campaign.

6- Whenever we need to finance four more projects, before the next cycle, a Prime project, a Guest e a Sower will be prioritized. Only after this funding, the upcoming four projects will be financed.

7- These first four members, whose projects have been selected, are released on live streaming on DreamShare Reward (DSR), and the others will only be revealed during the campaign.

8- The next four names will only be released at the end of the last projects to be financed, precisely during the financing period of the project of the member Prime, Sower or Guest.

9- Before the choices and final disclosure of the names, the members its evaluated and an analysis is carried out, taking into consideration if they have performed the function of Dream's Sowers, that is, if it has supported the previous campaigns.

10- If in a given month, only two projects of the first four Dreamers are financed, for example, the other two projects go to DreamShare in the following month. In this case, these two projects become the first two to be funded. The next two projects are funded shortly after that, observing the DreamShare funding order.

Example: If only a DreamerTen project its funded in a campaign, then in the second campaign, a new DreamerTen project comes in, and funding starts with DreamerPlus. Then, a DreamerBacker project will be financed in order, and finally, a DreamerOne project, both from the previous campaign.

Second funding opportunity
All projects have a second chance and the member must decide how it should be.
Alternatives to projects that have not reached the original value:
First- Take the total amount collected.
Second- To be financed again in the next campaign.

a- When accepting the first option, the member may return in another future campaign in an attempt to collect the remaining amount, with no set date, or at some point, have this amount remaining through the cash fund of successful campaigns.

b- When deciding on the second option, the member can return in the next campaign, but this will be his definitive financing. He must accept the amount collected on this second opportunity even if it falls below the original value

A quantity x of vacancies is determined for one of two existing categories: DSR – 300 members and DSGC – 900 members.

General rule:

1- Everyone can sign up, but if among the chosen there are some members with 50% or more of the 4th cycle, then those will be the Top 10. The top-100 members must have their 4th full cycle. Top members can be 5 or 20, and the first letter of their name will define the order in this condition.

2- The Top Members categories are opportunities given to our users to have priority in the registration queue for the monthly DSR and the annual DSGC.

3- From the DSR-300 category, we have elected ten members who have reached 50% of the 4th cycle, and we have placed it as one of the top 10 that allows him/her to participate in SeedBonus.

4- If among the 300 selected there is no one with 50% or more of indirect references, the first to reach this within the period will be the first to participate in SeedBonus.

5- Once the first reaches his time on the SeedBonus page where he must receive new members in his cycle, we then insert the second user who has reached the Top 10 and so on until we reach the ten members. The same rules apply to the Top 100, members of the DSGC-900 category who reach the 4th cycle.

6- If you prefer, you can be anonymous until the DSR or DSGC.

7- The responsibility and mission to reach any of the cycles will always be the member, be it a Top Member or a typical member. Dreamweek and his team strive to help them in this task.

8- The duration of a SeedBonus seeding for the Top 10 will be 30 days and for the Top 100, a year. This means that if a Top Member has no sowing in this period, it is disabled for the next month or year, but it does not mean he can not come back again in the next few years.

9- If a Top 10 is already benefited through SeedBonus, it can be chosen for a DSGC-900, but does not participate in its benefits and vice versa; meaning a Top 100 can not participate in DSR-300 benefits too.

10- As already mentioned, when choosing the Top members, whether 10 or 100, and among the chosen ones already having some with their 4th cycle formed, then the first letter of their name will be the criteria that will define which member will be the first, second, third, etc. The name must be documented.

11- The Top Members must agree to receive support if they are a Top 10 or 100 and give support if they can not be one.The 290 and 800 who failed to be Top will be called Helpers (members who commit their generosity to help the Top 10 or 100 reach their 4th Cycle).

12- A member can only have his second account after completing his 4th Cycle.

Top 100 – Time in SeedBonus

1- If we have 100 top members for the SeedBonus, we divide the number of days of the year by 100. For example, for 2018, 365 divided by 100 would give 3.65 days for each of the top members. They would stay on the page during this time.

2- To know the number of hours would be 365 x 24 = 8.760 hours. By dividing this total by 100 top members, each would stay 87.6 hours in SeedPage. And, if we divide this total by 24 hours a day, we would have the 3.65 days of the previous example.

3- If the number of top-100 members is less than the existing vacancies, the hours increase and the chances of achieving more sowing increases as well.

4- We make an estimate where each member reaches 30 new references in their primary cycle, considerably increasing their final income. We do not have a commitment to put these new members in their cycle, but we motivate our community in this support, and we have SeedBonus, a mechanism that can make that number much more significant.

Top 10 – Time in SeedBonus

1- Since the Top 10 are selected on a monthly basis, they would also have three days each during those 30 days. Example: 30 days divided by 10 would be three days.

2- We always guide by the hour, because when the number of Tops is less than 10, the final value is fragmented. Example: Top 8 for a given month, we would have 3.75 days. This number would be better understood if we said that your project would stay in SeedPage for 90 consecutive hours.

3- Calculating the hours: 30.dd x 24 hours = 720 hours – (720/8 = 90) – (90/24 = 3.75.dd)

4- The rules for the Top 10 are the same as the Top 100, differentiated only by their annual and monthly bases.

4th Cycle
1- In the formation of the 4th cycle, the member earns commission and bonuses.

2- Commissioning is a right that the member has when he becomes an affiliate and makes use of referral marketing.

3- Bonus is a reward given to affiliate members from the second cycle to accelerate your walk-in building your Amdreall.

4- Bonus on our platform is a voluntary reward given by Dreamsweek to its “Affiliate Members.” In other words, the bonus is nothing more than sowing in the cycles of the members to lead them to the realization of their dream. Through it, we are sharing part of our revenue so that our members reach Amdreall. Therefore, any and all bonuses may be deleted, maintained or added as Dreamsweek deems necessary.

Guest Dreamers Rules

GuestDreamer is the person who arrives at our platform from the audience of a WorkPro or Social Sower member.

At Workpro the objective is to participate in the contest that will allow the chosen person to obtain an annual Paid Plan and be one of the 20 members listed for the DreamShare Campaign.

At Social Sower the goal is to invite 100 people from each audience to the program. A participant is also selected for the monthly list of the Dreamshare Campaign.

- In WorkPro the GuestDreamer participates in a contest.
- At Social Sower, GuestDreamer participates in a program.

WorkPro or SocialSowers invite your audience. This invitation is not for funding, but to be part of a group with this possibility.

Each month WorkPros and SocialSowers are chosen so that they can call members of its audience to participate in the Dreamshare campaign.

Once the Guest has been chosen, he or she must present his or her project following that choice, observing what he or she likes to do, on top of expertise, knowledge, or dream.

This is a simple choice where a person attending a WorkPro or SocialSower audience is a DreamShare participant. Being in this campaign by no means means that it will be funded; this possibility requires effort and support from each of the people involved.

Anyone visiting the DreamShare page can become a free member by clicking on the WorkPro link and also participating in this contest, while SocialSowers participants must be part of their audience.

Four GuestDreamers from WorkPros and four from SocialSowers will be chosen for final evaluation by our team. As guests, they are not required to pay or make any contributions to our campaigns. However, for a final choice among the four, we have the same tiebreaker criteria used for paid members: best project or idea and generosity.

For example:
If there are two good projects, a contribution in the campaign will be considered for the tiebreaker;
If no input is detected among the four, then the best project or idea prevails.

All unselected GuestDreamers not selected among the four, will receive a free annual subscription if they have not opted for one of our offers. These plans will be made available according to the answers given in the contest WorkPro and gifted to GuestDreamers

Regardless of the GuestDreamer's response selected as the contest winner, your funding will always be executed in accordance with the values funded in a Plus Plan.

One Guest will be the tenth and twentieth among the candidates of the month to be funded.

For valid GuestDreamer participation, Guests must be an integral part of the WorkPro or SocialSower audience and register on our platform through your Refmark link.

A GuestDreamer contest will run the previous month, and the selected contestants will participate in the next month's DreamShare campaign, while the other six will have one year for a possible funding choice, now as paid members.

When a GuestDreamer is on the DreamShare page, they can optionally vote for one of our 16 campaign members.

In the last week of the month preceding the new campaign, selected GuestDreamers should be prepared to send us a summary of their projects for our evaluation shortly after being notified via email.

A guest can be selected only once in the contest. He can only participate as a Guest if he only has one free plan and a maximum of one year. If he signed up as a Beginner through support and taking advantage of our offers, he can also participate.

A paid member is not allowed to participate as a GuestDreamer

Each campaign will have two or four WorkPros and two or four SocialSowers. When they happen to be two, each will have two GuestDreamers selected, and when four, each WorkPro or SocialSower will have one Guest selected.

Guest WorkPros and SocialSowers may come from similar or different countries.

When the GuestDreamers are chosen, they will be contacted by email. They will not be revealed unless they are funded. Therefore, if they prefer, they can keep the entire contest process secret.

Since we can have up to four WorkPros in our contests, GuestDreamer can have up to eight entries if they answer all of them. To do so, he must follow each WorkPro from which he wants to get the extra entries.

The new Social Sowers will primarily be chosen from the Guests-100 of the previous Social Sower. Those wishing to participate must speak out by filling out the form on the page of the Social Sower that invited them. If there is no manifestation by the Guests-100, others will be selected by Dreamsweek. Our team will select 4 out of 100, always observing engagement and generosity, and the community chooses the finalist through voting.

If a Guest chooses to subscribe to a paid plan by the end of the campaign, they will receive their financing according to that plan, Ten or Backer for example. But if it remains in the Free plan, the financing amount is based on the Plus plan, less 16.5%, which will total $ 334,000.

When a GuestDreamer is selected, they have the benefits of a paid member and subject to the same rules.

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