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Welcome to my Social Sower page on Dreamsweek! This platform is all about building something fresh, exciting, and different from anything we've done before. It's a space where we can collectively create positive change, not just for ourselves, but for the world around us.

Join me on this journey! Let's sow the seeds of our dreams together and watch them blossom into something truly remarkable. What are you waiting for? Dive in and explore!

I am Diego Moraes
Social Sower - Orlando, FL

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How to Live Your Dreams and Finance Your Projects Supporting People

We want to support you in your
plans and projects

As a Social Sower Partner of the Platform, I am privileged to invite my social friends to participate in the DreamShare funding campaign. The participation of my guests is totally free for a financing of up to $ 334 thousand dollars.

Training For Guest-100

Project financing and income program

The program is exclusive for Social Sowers' guests and aims to facilitate their participation with a paid subscription on the platform. The funding aims to get my guests to participate in the campaign with just one free account.

Get access to this short training and know all the details of the campaign and the program developed for guests. To access, you must have at least one free account.

Two videos to watch before continuing.

Building your future

How to be one of the 100 Guests to participate in the campaign.

All you need to know right now is that it doesn't matter where you are, how much you have, or even how much you know.

Note: If desired, you can choose the subtitle for your preferred language when watching the video.

Financing for up to 4 Guest-Dreamer.

By taking part in this program, you have the opportunity to receive $400,000 to purchase your dream home. Moreover, you can register in our Refmark System (Reference Marketing) to begin building Amdreall (Average Income Program) and potentially earn up to $300,000 per year over the next 25 months.


My Project 


MY dream




MY dream

Are you looking for a chance to purchase your dream home? You won't want to miss this opportunity! Join us as a guest and be one of the four lucky attendees who will receive either full or partial financing. The guest who comes in first place will receive a whopping $400,000 in funding that can be used to make that dream home a reality. Don't wait, seize this chance and join us as a guest today!

Have access to brief training now and be one of my 100 guests to receive funding of up to $400,000.

Common questions about DreamsWeek and Guest-Dreamer program.

There are always recurring doubts regarding something new emerging on the market online. And it is important that each segment gives a quick answer about the vision and opportunities of its new business. And it's no different for us, see here the answers to these common questions.

What is a Social Sower?

Social Sowers are influential partners who leverage their networks to spread the word about Guest-Dreamer program. Dreamsweek empowers them to invite 100 friends to join the program at no cost.

What is a Guest-Dreamer?

Guest-Dreamers are guests of the Social Sower. They participate in a financing program that offers up to $400,000 to buy their dream home or to invest in their business plan.

Why The American Dream?

Nobody knows the Brazilian, Belgian or Australian dream, but the world knows and comments about the American dream. It is an achievement through the work and effort of each individual, where each person uses their talent and potential, or in other words, makes use of their individual skills to establish a greater purpose. If you aim to do more for yourself and your family, your community or the world, yes you can - that's the dream!!

What Is The Average American Income?

According to the Pew Research Center, American middle-class income ranges from $ 39,000 to $ 118,000 per family per year, while others say the income starts at around $ 30,000.

What Is The Amdreall Program Income? 

Income on our platform can be earned from a Free Plan which can reach $ 42,000 a year, equivalent to a Low American Income but higher than the Global Average Income according to the Pew Research Center which is $ 14,000. For Paid Plans, there are some variables, starting with $ 83,000 on average but can reach more than $ 300,000 annually.

What Is DreamShare And How Does It Work?

DreamsShare is a campaign promoted by Dreamsweek and its partners in order to finance some projects monthly. We understand that all dreams and projects are factors of wealth but also of personal fulfillment. Therefore, we cannot allow so much wealth to continue to be buried and dreams interrupted by a lack of support. DreamShare stands as this support and support for making these dreams a project and turning them into reality.

What Is My Control Over Funded Capital? 

Without even a significant investment to start, you will find here the financing for your idea with total control of your capital received and consequently of your future company. There is no partnership or debt, the member must only follow our rules and understand how each plan works.

What are the criteria for selecting projects?

We have two basic criteria, a project with potential and score. Our score is based on generosity, but it is not a mechanism of choice, but it is for a tiebreaker. The choice will always be for the best project. If there are 100 good projects, generosity will put yours in the top positions and this is determined by the member's participation in DreamShare campaigns.

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