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Everything you find in our bases is summarized in two fundamental points: Provide you with the knowledge to advance your vision and opportunities to establish your life purpose.

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Their amount of this funding is intended for members who did their homework and were selected for the campaign.

American Dream for All

An income program with commissions and bonuses, which can take you to average American income on a recurring basis year after year.

NineTen Club
The ZacchMind's Companies

The companies created must join the club and invest in new ventures from Plan Ten. Here is the other way to finance projects.

Courses and Training

Dreapel is courses, training, and examples providing knowledge to the member with the purpose of leading your project to success.

Partners for integral growth

Meenin is a base where there are mentors, entrepreneurs, and instructors who will support new entrepreneurs to walk towering.

Prime Nine
Prime Nine Partners Club

It is a partner club with the objective of prioritizing their families, investing in the Prime Group and in the community through social projects.

How to get started quickly and easily?

We have created an unmissable opportunity plan with the Starter Program. Here's an example of how it works.

This program aims to facilitate your entry with a paid subscription on the platform. You do this non-recurring subscription for 6 months. In the end, you must decide to renew for another two semesters with their respective discounts until the fourth semester you definitely sign an annual plan.

Here Is A Table As An Example Of The Backer Plan.

1st. You register by paying $ 180 - 90% OFF
2nd. In six months the first renewal - 60% OFF
3rd. The second renewal in twelve months - 30% OFF
4th. In eighteen months a full recurring payment.

Amdreall Program​

Here we want to discuss the complete Backer plan after the Beginner program is completed. This 18-month program aims to take you through our income program. Recalling that the Amdreall program is optional and that our users understand that our priority on the platform is to support people in their dreams, to have access to knowledge and opportunities and to finance their personal and business projects.

How to Understand a Compensation Table

For this explanation, we will use the Table of the Backer Plan as an example, because all of them are similar. Based on the definitions presented here, the user can entirely understand all others the other plans and its tables.

Common questions

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