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How Our Strategy Can Help You
To Be a Premium User in 18 Months

You will receive and execute a plan capable of taking you to achieve your dreams and finance your projects!

How long have you dreamed of living better but this hasn't been a reality yet?

Well, for some reason, people who had big dreams, big projects, were somehow prevented from turning them into reality and into factors of wealth and thus living a totally frustrated life with no prospect of the future!

Although the sun rises for everyone and everyone has the same 24 hours, unfortunately not everyone has the same opportunities. But the differential of both is to believe in yourself. When I believe, opportunities that didn't exist come to exist, even if the system is against you.

The Program for Beginners aims to provide everyone with the opportunity to be a STANDARD or PREMIUM member with low investment.

In just eighteen months, each member with a little dedication, will notice a gradual growth in their finances and envision in these few months their possibility of personal fulfillment.

What is Dreamsweek and what does it do?

Perhaps these are the words that best define us: We are a social platform where we transmit knowledge, provide recurring passive income, share opportunities, finance projects and train people to carry out their mission and purpose.

Our projects section allows you to raise funds through financing campaigns, without bureaucracy, without interest, and without debt!

See Here Our Six Main Bases

Everything you find in our bases is summarized in two fundamental points: Provide you with the knowledge to advance your vision and opportunities to establish your life purpose.

Sow. Reap. Dream. Share

Their amount of this funding is intended for members who did their homework and were selected for the campaign.

American Dream for All

An income program with commissions and bonuses, which can take you to average American income on a recurring basis year after year.

NineTen Club
The ZacMind's Companies

The companies created must join the club and invest in new ventures from Plan Ten. Here is the other way to finance projects.

Courses and Training

Dreapel is courses, training, and examples providing knowledge to the member with the purpose of leading your project to success.

Partners for integral growth

Meenin is a base where there are mentors, entrepreneurs, and instructors who will support new entrepreneurs to walk towering.

Prime Nine
Prime Nine Partners Club

It is a partner club with the objective of prioritizing their families, investing in the Prime Group and in the community through social projects.

How does the Beginner Program work?

This program aims to facilitate your entry with a paid subscription on the platform. You do this non-recurring subscription for 6 months. In the end, you must decide to renew for another two semesters with their respective discounts until the fourth semester you definitely sign an annual plan.

Here Is A Table As An Example Of The Backer Plan.

1st. You register by paying $ 180 - 90% OFF
2nd. In six months the first renewal - 60% OFF
3rd. The second renewal in twelve months - 30% OFF
4th. In eighteen months a full recurring payment.

What Are My Advantages?

The first thing is the extraordinary discount received that gives you total conditions to enter into any of our plans. From there, a descending discount scale follows until you have a normal and recurring subscription.

And More

  • You start building your Four Score.
  • You receive 5 Seed Coupons to give away.
  • You will be able to submit your project for analysis.
  • You already earn commissions and bonuses for each referral.

full table pricing

In this table, you can see the four steps of our discount process for all plans. In our proposal, you start with 90% OFF and end up paying the actual price in the 18th month.

How do Seed Coupons work?

Seed Coupons are the way we sow something that adds to people's lives, called Referrals. Here in the Beginner Program, you get 5 of them to give to someone you want to see them on a path of prosperity and accomplishment.

Likewise, we have here a table with all plans available.
1st. He registers completely Free $ 0 - 100% OFF.
2nd. In six months he does the first renewal - 60% OFF.
3rd. In twelve months the second renewal - 30% OFF.
4th. In eighteen months a full recurring payment.

Overview Of Beginner's Program

1- Initial:
See now a possibility of income within the program.

This is a simpler view of what a Beginner can do, as here the calculations are made only with his five Seed Coupons. It is obvious that both you and your referrals expect everyone to go beyond the Seed Coupon received, reaching other people.

 If you prefer, you can buy coupons at a great discount so you can gift others and thus achieve your goal of closing your Refmark cycle within the first six months. Realize that you earn $ 550 in commission in the first half and nothing in bonuses.

In the second $ 937.50 in commission and $ 937.50 in bonus. In the third, $ 1,250 in commission and $ 6,250 in bonuses. Remember that this is an estimate where everyone buys their seeds and at the right time do their sowing.

2- average:
Let's look at an intermediate example

Please note that if you only gift your 5 coupons, the average amount to be received will be around $ 550.

However, if you refer 4 more people, either by direct referrals or by seed coupons, you will complete your cycle of 9 people. So you will pay the US $ 720 with a 60% discount and you will receive the US $ 990 dollars, a little bit more than what you paid.

That's why you should encourage your friends also to give out your gift coupons as early as the first week, and this will happen to them as well the following week.

Let's have a better view of this table above.

  • 1- At your first renewal, you will get 60% off, and you will only pay 720 dollars 
  • 2- If you gave your seed coupons as a gift the first week, then you will reap as early as the first week after your first renewal because those who plant at the right time reap at the right time.
  • 3- What you will reap in the first six months is just the slightly higher amount paid for your renewal - $ 990.
  • 4- From 12 months onwards, you receive commission and bonuses for your effort - $ 4,730.
  • 5- In the 18th months,  plus $ 38,700
  • 6- In the thirtieth month where you have your 4th Cycle formed, your average amount received will be approximately - $ 265,000

3- Permanent:
Complete Amdreall Program

Here we want to discuss the complete Backer plan after the Beginner program is completed. This 18-month program aims to take you through our income program. Recalling that the Amdreall program is optional and that our users understand that our priority on the platform is to support people in their dreams, to have access to knowledge and opportunities and to finance their personal and business projects.

How to Understand a Compensation Table

For this explanation, we will use the Table of the Backer Plan as an example, because all of them are similar. Based on the definitions presented here, the user can entirely understand all others the other plans and its tables.

About Compensation Table

1- About Cycles

2- Beginner 25%

3-  Intermediate 30%

4- Ultimate 35%

5- Amount 

6- Recurring 30%

7- Commission and Bonus

Complete Program Process

Important Note:
1- If you are here to subscribe to one of our paid plans, you must choose between the "Beginner Standard or Premium"

2- If you arrived here for a referral and received a coupon, then you must enter through the link “I am a Referral” on the plans and prices page.


The opportunity to share ideas, dreams, and projects.

For a dream to come true, it must be in sync with other dreams. If one wants to see his dream becomes real, he must help others to come true, and as a cog to propel the other to proceed.

"If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want."
Zig Ziglar

How is wealth acquired? Through large-scale sales. When you sign up using the Beginners Program, you can use our Global Referral Marketing where barriers no longer exist so you can build your passive and recurring income in all currencies and major languages around the world.

Its market leaves the level of friendships, local, regional and national territory to a world-wide of scope web. With these gigantic possibilities, you will be able to change your financial history and give a new direction to your life, building something continuous and solid that will allow you to achieve your complete and dreamed of financial independence.

Enroll and participate in this Program Right Now!

See What You Will Receive When You Sign Up

It all starts immediately with the first email right after your registration where you will receive a 90% discount coupon. You will also receive two e-mails with tutorials where you will be able to understand and build an average American income through Refmark wherever you are, the Americas, Asia, Europe or Africa.

You will be able to access our four main bases that aim to get you to have the knowledge, financing for your projects and passive income. See the characteristics of each of them.


Dreapel Training (Come Soon)

Dreapel are courses made available to the member in order to aggregate knowledge so that he can elaborate on his dream project and enabling him to properly administer and apply the resources for this project.

Our goal is to train people to fulfill their purpose through an elaborate business project with specialized support from instructors, mentors, and entrepreneurs.


DreamShare Campaigns

The campaign aims to finance monthly projects through supporters around the world and business partnerships.

DreamShare is initially composed of four projects, one for each existing plan. This is a campaign in which the community is involved in supporting these members with the aim of raising a pre-defined amount monthly.


NineTen Club

Everyone who subscribes to the Ten plan becomes a member of the Club. This plan aims to make the financed companies start to finance other promising projects on the platform when this Club is established.

Important Note About Plan Ten

This is a very special plan. When deciding to sign it, you must break some personal and social paradigms in order to move forward.

Its Purposes:
To form companies whose owners are ZacchMind50 fans
To form a multi-millionaire club with a shared mentality, where the owners are willing to give up to 50% of their turnover to new companies


Amdreall Program

It aims to lead each member to have an income to take care of themselves and their family and that allows them to prepare for the successful business market.

The true American dream is not simply to live in the USA but to experience an income capable of providing us with a comfortable life found in its middle class. This income must be able to give us time to spend with our family, friends and giving us the conditions to invest in knowledge in the present for a promising future.

Amdreall is an income proposal for all our users, even those who belong to a free plan. We believe that an average income like the American should not be a dream, but a reality possible for all people, starting with the 50% of Americans who are outside it.

Why This Program Is Valuable

We believe that a value based on the average American income is fair, that all Americans should live with that average and consequently all people who believe, struggle and dream about this possibility.

Having a medium and high income is our vision so that everyone has enough to share. Our vision is that people are well rewarded financially to be able to finance projects with the capacity to turn dreams into reality.

Beginner's Program
 Plans & Pricing

plan plus

With our Beginner Program, you get 90% off and pay only:






  • Membros con proyectos pessoais: moradia, estudos, esportes, etc
  • Projects up to $ 400,000
  • The second to be financed
  • No commitment to share your project


Amdreall Program

  • Average income of $ 83,000 annually
  • 20% commission for Refmark Program
PlaN One

With our Beginner Program, you get 90% off and pay only:






  • For members with local or regional business projects.
  • Projects up to $700,000
  • The fourth to be financed
  • No commitment to share the project with anyone.


Amdreall Program

  • Average income of $158,000 annually
  • 25% commission for Refmark Program
Plan Ten

With our Beginner Program, you get 90% off and pay only:






  • Members with national or global projects
  • Projects up to $ 1,610 million
  • The first to be financed
  • Must join the NineTen Club and share 50% of the project's profits


Amdreall Program

  • Average income of $ 232,000 annually
  • 30% commission for Refmark Program
Plan Backer

With our Beginner Program, you get 90% off and pay only:






  • Members with projects to invest and live in the USA
  • Projects up to $2.3 million
  • The third to be financed
  • Support to NGOs and business partners.


Amdreall Program

  • Average income of $306,000 annually
  • 35% commission for Refmark Program

Common questions

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What is the average American income?

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What are the criteria for selecting projects?

Expand Your Opportunity and Business Portfolio with the Beginner Program.

Remember that your success depends solely on personal decisions. You must be the first to believe in yourself to build a promising and different future than the one below your potential.

We want to offer you a way and a tool to not only develop the best of your skills to achieve your desired dream but also so that together we can help others who want to achieve a life of conquering and accomplishment.

Have fun and dream!

Dreamsweek Team

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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The results may not be typical or expected for everyone. We do not guarantee this program in the long term. Please note that all of your results are based on your effort and dedication through what is taught throughout the program. All information provided on this website is based on best practices and for educational purposes only.

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