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Dream’s Project Elaboration

Dreapel are courses made available to the member in order to aggregate knowledge so that he can elaborate his dream project, enabling him to properly administer and apply the resources for this project.

Most people have good ideas. Some of them are starting to wonder how they could make a difference if they were put into practice. When it is something interesting, its creator puts them on a higher stage, then a dream begins.

This is a powerful state because the dream itself has a power in itself because it comes full of hope and fills you with passion. But the problem is that the dream does not allow you to see anything, all you have is a tangle of ideas totally disconnected. And the challenge is to put them in an order, making them visual, practical, and attainable.

Once an idea becomes a dream, it needs to be a well-designed project for that dream to become a reality. And it is here that begins its story inside the platform Dreamsweek.

We want together with you to create a scheme; which is the initial, written and detailed notion of what we intend to develop; what we intend to accomplish, according to this scheme: the franchise project of my company – for example.

Most bankruptcies of beginning projects, is the lack of advice, knowledge of your product and market. For your project to be successful, we want a team of good professionals, successful entrepreneurs, and experienced entrepreneurs to provide the best guidelines a good idea needs to get started.

That’s why our goal is for you to leverage the best information, with the potential to take your project to a higher level through the Dreapel – Dream Project Elaboration training.

1- All of our members pay to have access to our training. This access is total or partial. This means that all of our school’s courses are paid for, but our members have access to a large portion of them for free.

2- Each instructor will release a certain number of places for each period, after forming the students, so that he can open new places.

3- Access to training will depend on our negotiation with each instructor. As a subscriber, you will find courses 100% available, others with only 40% of their value and other 100% paid, but with a special discount.

4- The student must complete his course to receive his certificate. This will be important at the time of your selection for possible financing of your project.

5 – Besides the certificate, counts points for analysis and approval of your project, participation in personal training, congresses, mentoring, etc. – related to your studies. Our intention is to empower you as much as possible so that your project achieves the expected success after funding.

6- You will have access to dozens of instructors for a year, which is exactly the period of your membership. To continue to have the training and continue enriching with qualified knowledge, you must renew your membership.

7 – Some may wonder why a paid member does not have full access to the courses, the answer is that we would have to charge a much higher amount for annual subscriptions and this is something we do not want to do.

8- All our members are free to take all the information received in our courses, the projects elaborated in our platform and seek financing outside our community.

9- Remember that, in the first place, we want to take you on a path where you will make of your dream a project with the total possibility of being financed from this stage, by our community or by other investors.

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