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The real American dream is not simply to live in the US but to live the experience of an income capable of providing us with a comfortable life found in its middle class. This income should be capable of providing us time to spend with our family and friends. To have conditions to invest in knowledge in the present, for a promising future.

Amdreall is an income proposal for all our users, even those who belong to a Free plan.  We believe that a middle income like the American should not be a dream, but a reality for all people, starting with the 50% of Americans who are outside of it.

We believe that an income based on the American middle class is fair, all Americans must live it and consequently all the people on our planet who believe, expect and dream about this possibility.

So let’s see how this can be possible on our platform

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 1. All users start out as free members with the full possibility of building their cycles and obtaining a global average income.

2. By opting for a paid plan, it can build a natural path to DreamShare through Dreapel and a highly lucrative option for Amdreall. (Average income).

3. After registration, the member can work with Refmark (Referral Marketing) if he so desires.

4. As a member of Refmark, the member begins to sow and at the same time reaps - SowReap.

5. With a little effort, the member can become a Top Member.

6. The recognition of this effort and work comes with SeedBonus.

7. SeedBonus will take the affiliate member to reach and enjoy Amdreall.

A Free member can hit a low Amdreall with only a 4th Cycle.

On the other hand, with only a 4th Cycle, the paid member can hit a high Amdreall. If he wants to build and achieve more than one cycle, then he can reach the level of wealth. The cycle ends at 6561 affiliates and he/she can start a new cycle with other affiliates; or affiliates of your cycle, who also completed their 4th Cycle

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