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"The DI is a space for members who want to share an idea with the community, develop it together, and donate it to a member who has no dream or project at all".

 Many people have great ideas, but for lack of time and other reasons cannot execute them. Now we can share with others, and the intention is to give someone looking for this kind of idea a starting point.

Our initiative is to ensure that no great idea dies either from a lack of investment or time, but that all be converted into a dream, a passion, and a project for one of our members and in the future be financed by our community;

As our principle is generosity, this is an excellent opportunity for members to be generous and share one of their great ideas with the community.

The member who likes the idea can ask the author to transfer it to him as a donation, with public notice and an email sent to Dreamsweek to file;

After the idea is adopted, the member can start turning it into a project. For this he opens a group and invites people to help him in the tasks to be done so that he is able to share it with Dreamsweek.

Any member can use a Doc-Idea; it can be left public or private;

Doc can also be public when the member wants to share an idea so that everyone can have access to it and consequently ask for its adoption.

You can create a Doc to be viewed and shared with only the members of a group, and only the members of the group can adopt it.

Docs-Ideas are ideas that are debated and improved to transform it into a project.

When a member or group decides to turn a Doc into a project, tasks are distributed among the members for this project to be drawn up and then shared with Dreamsweek via Google Doc for evaluation and future funding.

This project must be sent by its founder or by the member who adopted it, taking into account his current plan.
Of course, if the breeder or the adopter wants to make your group or part of it a partner, they are free to do so.

Members should evaluate the Doc-Idea to see if it has all the conditions to be a project. To this end, it should fall under the classification of the four pillars of a plan: objectivity, functionality, potentiality, and transformation..

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