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What is the Sponsor Pro Plan

  • It is a plan for professional Internet Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagramers, Fan pages, etc.
  • A person can be a guest to introduce DreamsWeek to your audience or a monthly subscriber to launch this 90-day campaign.
  • You will pay no annual fee, but a payment of $3,000 for the Basic Plan, $4,000 for the Standard Plan, and $5,000 for the Extreme Plan, all for a quarterly campaign.
  • On these plans, each Sponsor will earn 25% on Basic, 30% on Standard, and 35% on Extreme from each direct affiliate.
  • The Sponsor will earn 25% on the Basic Recurring Plan, 30% on the Standard, and 35% on the Extreme on all renewals of their affiliates, as long as they renew their plan quarterly and their affiliates maintain their membership. If they are not renewed, they will be directed to the Free Plan where 10% of the Recurring will be paid for all Plans: Basic, Standard, and Extreme.
  • In these plans, there are no bonuses, only direct commissions from each affiliate.
  • With this plan, you cannot participate in DreamShare (DS) or SeedBonus (SB).

Understanding the Sponsor Table
All plans have a validity of 90 days

Average Rate

  • Based on the average of $1,000 on the Basic Plan with 25% back of commission, the professional would earn $250 for each referral with a paid plan.
  • In the Standard Plan with 30%, the professional would win $300.
  • In the Extreme Plan with 35%, he would win $350.

Members List

  • Here, we do some calculations on six imaginary lists. They start with 2,000 to 6,500.


  • The Basic Plan would be $12,000.
  • The Standard Plan would be $16,000.
  • The Extreme Plan would be $20,000.


  • The recurring payments for a Sponsor are the only ones that do not have variables; they will always be equal to the commissions paid for each plan.
  • Therefore, this means that Basic will have 25%, Standard 30%, and Extreme 35% of a recurring commission.
  • This percentage will only happen if Sponsor keeps your plan active. If a plan is not renewed, it will be redirected to the Free Plan, and its gain will be only 10%.

Important Notes
1- The Sponsor can choose one of two ways to reward:
a. Sponsor Pals 
b, Sponsor Pro

2- As a Fundraiser, he can open a campaign with his name and photo. A link is also placed on the home page for your campaign

3- He gets a completely free paid account and will only pay for his subscription when he is earning 3 times its value.

4- He cannot have an account anymore when he completes the cycle, but he can go up to the Standard or Extreme level.

5- In all campaigns, he can open a Fundraiser, in which case he becomes an indirect Sponsor and will not necessarily appear on the first page of the campaign.

6- Your guests will have two great advantages:
They will receive a 99% discount for joining the Guest-Dreamer Program
They will be able to present their projects immediately from 5 dollars.

What is the Sponsor Pals Plan

It is a plan for fundraisers of campaigns as a regular user and friend of a member.

What is the Sponsor Pals Plan?

It is a plan for people with a certain social engagement. It doesn't necessarily have to be bloggers, YouTubers, Instagramers, Fan pages, etc.

A person can be invited to introduce DreamsWeek to their audience through an annual subscription to the Backer Plan. The features, in this case, have a slight change for the Sponsor. He can present his project, but he does not necessarily need to invest his funding in the US.

If invited by a Social Sower or someone from your Team, he must work on behalf of that Team. After that, he can run his fundraising campaigns every month for the benefit of all teams.

Under these plans, each Sponsor will earn 25% commission on Beginner, 30% on Intermediate, and 35% on Ultimate from each direct affiliate.

Sponsor Pals will earn a 30% commission on all their affiliates' renewals as long as their plan is active and their affiliates maintain their membership. If they do not have their plans renewed, they will be directed to the Free Plan where they will pay a 10% commission on all renewed subscriptions.

Sponsors Pals earn bonuses until the fourth cycle.

With this plan, the Sponsor can participate in DreamShare (DS) or SeedBonus (SB).
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