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Amdreall is an exclusive income program for our members. We think it fair that anyone who works hard is worthy of earning a middle income in the U.S.
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NinteTen is a Club Of Companies with projects funded through the Ten Plan, to form enterprises whose owners are ZacchMind50 fans.
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DreamShare it is a monthly campaign for funding with 16 selected projects. The four most-voted for by the community start this campaign.
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General Questions

16 - Questions

What is Dreamsweek?

We are a platform for training and preparation of projects, transforming immediate ideas into dreams and these into solid elements that allow the elaboration of an execution plan.

Most projects come from a personal dream, we want to teach our users how to turn those dreams into projects and support them so that they can be funded.

How does Dreamsweek work?

We are a platform of free and paid members, with different levels. Members with paid plans can have access to our training and to instructors and consultants. Among paid members, we choose 16 projects monthly to be funded in our DreamShare campaigns. As an affiliate, any member can build their 4th cycle and reach Amdreal, our income program.

Are 16 projects funded in the month?

The maximum number of projects chosen for the month are 16, 2 prime, 1 GuestDreamer and 1 Sower’s Team member. All or only a part can be financed.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in Dreamsweek, and better, for free – although, in order to have full access to all the benefits, you must choose a paid plan.

Can I support a campaign beyond the values that are set?

Yes. You can support with intermediate values over $100 voluntarily.

What is my control over financed capital?

Without significant investment, here you find financing for your idea with total control of your capital received and consequently of your future company.

What is the evaluation criterion for the projects?

The choice of members to be funded is not by a lottery, but by a set of facts, beginning with membership, engagement, project, and generosity.

Each person must take action to become a member, and then get involved, using platform tools and if you prefer, profit from them. You should architect your project clearly and concisely and privately share with Dreamsweek, and demonstrate your generosity, doing for others what you want for yourself.

A- Membership: Only a member with a paid membership can participate in a DreamShare campaign. The different entries in DreamShare are analyzed according to the chosen plan.

B- Engagement: Being active in each process is critical to the member. A permanent stake is that it takes a user to stand out in the crowd.

C- Project: For us, a dream is nothing more than a project that you love. We all have projects; it’s up to us to choose one to fall in love with to the point that we turn it into a dream, and this dream into reality.

D- Generosity: We all have the chip of generosity, just click to put it into action. Our attitude in this direction can change the lives of people and families, and, consequently, society. Generosity is when one supports the well-being of another without establishing an object of exchange.

The consequence of this four-pillar process will be our recognition. For this, we will analyze the project of your dreams for possible financing.

Should I join the Affiliate system?

While it is mandatory to register through an affiliate link, it does not mean that you must be an affiliate—this is a post-subscription choice. At first, you will have access to our project financing platform. If shortly after you choose to be an affiliate, you can earn a commission on your referrals and bonuses throughout your cycle.

What is a Prime Member?

The Primes are our partners. They are the first people to believe in our project and to invest in our proposal by becoming a primary member.

How does Dreamsweek fund the Prime, Guest, and Sower member?

Every time we finance four projects, between a group of 4 and another, a Prime, Guest or Sower member is funded. It is only after this funding that the following four projects enter.

What is the Nineten Club?

NinteTen Is A Club Of Companies With Projects Funded Through The Ten Plan.

Its Purposes:

  • To form companies whose owners are ZacchMind50 fans
  • To form a multi-millionaire club with a shared mentality, where the owners are willing to give up to 50% of their turnover to new companies

What is ZacchMind?

ZacchMind is a transformed mind, a way of thinking and acting in favor of a noble cause. It is a change of attitude from someone who comes face to face with the truth when it opens in front of you. It is the mental and emotional disposition of an individual who is confronted with the reality of life that it need not be in the way they teach us but in the way it should be: genuine, generous, and selfless.

Should I stop using avatars at some point?

An avatar is a personal option of the member. You can use the avatar for as long as you want; however, when you are chosen for the DreamShare campaign, and you be financed, you should use your actual photo.

The second question about avatar concerns Top10 or 100 members. When you get to the SeedBonus, you should make temporary use of an avatar.

What is the total amount of my annuity on the platform?

The annuity amount depends on the chosen plan. If you decide on the backer plan for example your annual membership would be $ 1800.

But there is an important element to be added in this response, let us see:
– Taking the Backer plan as an example, your annuity would be $ 1800.

– If you support DreamShare campaigns every month, it would be 12 X $ 100 = $ 1200.

– Therefore, your total expense would be $ 3,000.00 each year, being $ 1800 required for your membership plus $ 1200 of voluntary support made in the monthly campaigns.

What is the GuestDreamers?

The “Guest” is anyone who comes to our platform from a WorkPro audience or the invitation for a member.

What is the WorkPro Plan?

It is a plan for professional and influencers internet: Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, etc.

Questions About Dreapel

09- Questions

What is the purpose of Dreapel training?

In the first place, our intention is to allow his project to come to life, and secondly to prevent him from dying when he comes. And this is done with knowledge and knowledge is acquired through training through good professionals.

How does Dreapel training work?

Our members must navigate our platform and choose the trainings that best identify with your project. They are certified courses that will give credential members to submit their projects for analysis and placed in an queue with great possibilities of being funded by the Dreamsweek community.

Should I take the Dreapel courses to have an approved project?

We have 4 plans and each one is distinct from the other. The foreground for example requires little knowledge of what you want, a house for example – while the latter requires more study because it is more complex and of greater impact.

If I have Plan Plus and want to buy a house, do I need to have an instructor?

No, you need a Real Estate Agent. But surely he will have a good training to inform you about the best places, price in a certain city.

If I want to buy a home in a particular city in America or another country?

If you want to buy a home in a different city, state or country, find a real estate agent at this location. If there is not one there, it will be a good opportunity to get in touch with the first partner.

What do I need to be an instructor?

First of all, you must be a free or paid member. Secondly, you should have knowledge of the training you wish to do, in some cases, be a specialist.

How many instructors can I have?

As many as you need to make your future venture a real success.

Do I need course certificates and mentoring to have my project evaluated?

Projects whose members have certificates and mentors are most likely to be evaluated first.

How many mentors can I have?

As instructors you can have as many as you need, mentor you can have only one.

Questions About DreamShare

29 - Questions

What is DreamShare?

It is a monthly campaign for funding with 20 selected projects. The four most-voted for by the community start this campaign.

How does DreamShare work?

When a member chooses a paid plan, he or she has the right to send his or her project to be reviewed, approved, and possibly funded. To do this, he or she must select one of the forms according to his or her plan, fill in the data, summarize the project, and share it with DreamsWeek.

Does DreamsWeek support any project?

No. We analyze all the projects and evaluate their possibilities. Otherwise, it must conform to the norms and terms.

What regulations should I follow to put my campaign on the air?

First, everything involving drinks, gambling, eroticism, drugs, firearms, depredation of nature, etc., should be avoided. Any project sent will go through the Dreamsweek internal standard, which will give a final opinion on each project to be funded.

What is my control over financed capital?

Without significant investment, here you find financing for your idea with total control of your capital received and consequently of your future company..

If I am originally from another country and my project is selected for funding, how can I receive my money?

The corresponding amount will be deposited in your bank account. If there is an American bank in your country, an account at that institution usually facilitates the transfer. If there isn’t one, you must come to the US to open one and receive your funding.

What if the transfer fees for my country are high?

Once your account is opened and the amount deposited, you will receive advice on all legal possibilities, and then you can make the best decision, including living in the US as an investor.

What if I decide to invest my funding in the US?

If your dream is to live, invest, study in the USA, we can support you by indicating lawyers, schools, brokers and qualified professionals who speak your language.

How and where will the delivery of the values be?

Elected persons will be received with a ceremony in Orlando for delivery of the corresponding parts. Those who live in other countries will be invited to come to this event to obtain the values.

Who can support a campaign?

Support may be given by any person of legal age, whether or not a member.

Who chooses the projects to be funded?

Our team will choose them through a set of facts. 16 are presented for the community to vote, and the top four go to the funding of the month.

Why is 16.5% of the total value of each campaign discounted?

For the member campaign to be successful, we have a team of qualified people who will help you reach your goal. Furthermore, this 16.5% comprises the expenses and fees of DreamsWeek, which also invests in paid media for the campaign to have the expected success.

Do I receive funding even if the campaign reaches a lower value?

Yes. However, you should be aware of the sequence of funding for each Plan. If time finalizes and your financing has reached only 50%, then it will be this amount that you will receive.

What should be the value of my project?

Each Plan already comes with its maximum value described. When you submit your project, the amount is based on your chosen plan. You can put a smaller value for it, but never above the default value.

Who are the DreamShare Directors?

They are our partners in cities, states, and countries. They are volunteers who receive rewards for helping projects achieve their funding goals.

How does the sequence of funding of the plans work?

Of the four existing plans, the first to be financed will be the TEN plan after PLUS, BACKER and ONE. It begins to fund the next when the value of the previous one is reached.

In which language should I send my project?

You should send your project officially in English, but nothing prevents you from sending in your own language.

Do I have any reward for supporting a campaign?

While your support is voluntary and generosity is the rule, DreamsWeek encourages each member who has a funded project to share some of their joy with their supporters. At DSR or DSGC events, he or she can offer surprise gifts to the participants, especially to the person who invited him or her.

Will all Tops Projects be chosen to be funded?

Not exactly. Tops are the first to be analyzed in the hundreds and thousands of cases, and the others will undergo reviews for substantial improvement to qualify.

What kind of people does Dreamsweek seek to fund?

Dreamsweek does not have preferences for people only, but for people with attitudes. The deeds of each member will speak louder than a heap of words and plans. Your generosity will be an action, not a feeling.

What is the evaluation criterion for the projects?

When projects arrive, they are divided into different categories, and member engagement and generosity will be observed. Next, his objectivity, functionality, potentiality and the transformation that he can cause are analyzed.

DreamsWeek is who funds DreamShare?

No. DreamsWeek only offers a technology tool for people to receive and support a particular project at that opportunity. Therefore it charges a fee for each campaign carried out.

How are the projects chosen?

Dreamsweek has the task of selecting the 16 most qualified projects on the platform. These projects are chosen without any specific position, and the order will be established by votes of the invited members or persons.

What is dream's sower team?

We are all dream’s sowers within the community, but we have a special team that does the heavy lifting so that every DreamShare Campaign is a real success. These are the ones we call Sower’s Team. Director global, national, regional and local.

How can I submit my project?

There is a pre-prepared form for each existing plan. Just save to your Google account, make a summary of the project and share with us.

What if I decide to do something different from the project?

This may happen, but it is not legal. Depending on what is done, it may lead Dreamsweek to permanently suspend your account, preventing you from participating in future campaigns.

Am I required to do precisely what I mentioned in the project?

There is nothing that obliges you in the PLus and One Plan. But there are some rules to be followed in Plans Ten and Backer. But as the project was funded with the good faith of our community, you have a moral commitment to do exactly what was mentioned in your project. You will not have this obligation unless the total amount collected is below the amount stipulated for your campaign.

What if I make the decision to do something other than something DreamsWeek approves of after I get the money?

Although it is stated in the rules that you must carry out the promised intent of your project, you are free to do what you want with your financing, even the opposite of what was agreed, but you must remember that you assume the onus of possible penalties that includes the cancellation of your account. If this happens, your campaign will be removed from the list of funded projects on our platform.

Can I support a campaign beyond the values that are set?

Yes. You can support with intermediate values or over $ 100 dollars voluntarily.

Questions About Amdreall

12 - Questions

What is Amdreall?

Amdreall (American Dreams for All) is an exclusive income program for our members. We think it fair that anyone who works hard using his or her talents and potential is worthy of earning a middle income similar to that of an American.

How does Amdreall work?

For a member to reach the American Dream, we create five steps that we call the 4th Cycle. When completing the cycle, the member starts to have an income similar to that of a member of the American middle class.

What are the five steps?

The person should choose a paid plan, join our affiliate program, start building his or her cycle through referral marketing, reach Top Member status, and then receive the benefits found in SeedBonus.

Can I only participate in Amdreall?

Your membership is exclusively for submitting your project and joining the DreamShare campaign. However, if you do not have a set date for sending in your project, there is no problem; it will be your personal decision. Being aware of this, yes, you can only participate in Amdreall until the moment your great idea is ready to become a project.

Can I participate in Amdreall if I am from another country?

Yes. Although Amdreall is created for Americans and for all who live in America, it extends to all people when they become members of our platform.

How is Amdreall monetized?

When a member chooses to be an affiliate, we decide to share with him/her some of our revenue through bonuses and commissions.

Who are the direct and indirect affiliates?

Direct affiliates are referrals made personally by the members. The indirect ones are references that enter a given cycle through the top members or a sower.

What if most people in my cycle are free members?

If you have a large number of free plan affiliates, your mission will be to convince them to switch to a paid plan. You should show them the great opportunities they are missing out on and get more significant commissions and bonuses. This way, the free plan affiliates will also have the chance to realize their dream projects.

How many people can I have in my cycle?

A member cannot have more than 6561 people in each cycle.

Can I change my plan?

You can change your plan as many times as you want until the third cycle, that is, before reaching 729 affiliated people. After that number, you will not be allowed to change.

What is Refmark?

It’s our way of direct marketing, the most traditional and reliable way of presenting a product or service to people. With the advent of social networks, this old form takes on another aspect, and technology has made referral marketing something innovative.

What is Sowreap?

Sowreap is a fundamental process of member who decided to become an affiliate to build an source of income, understanding the law of sowing. When a member realizes that before harvesting he must sow, then he begins to develop an abundant cycle of an extraordinary harvest

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