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We believe that before realizing a personal dream, we need to sow in other people’s dreams.

My name is Wil Freire, and all I want now is to be authentic with you for a few minutes.

"Dreaming goes beyond imagination, requires passion and attitude!"

I am married and a father, entrepreneur, composer, musician, philanthropist, Christian, optimist, and a dedicated dreamer. I desire that we can join forces, and together we become the people we were created to be, fulfilling dreams and fulfilling our purpose.

I’m getting out of my cocoon and my neutral zone to assume what I am. I’ve always been called a dreamer, and for a long time, I have regarded it as something disparaging. But today, I learned that if you get out of this conceptual prison and survive it, the chances are excellent that your big dreams become real.

Three times I almost lost my life over the course of my 48 years. I’ll tell you a bit about these incidents in my book Dream’s Sowers. But the fact to consider in this matter is that I had three more chances to be able to tell you who I am, where I am, and where I am going.

I was born in Brazil, and I lived in Europe, but today I live in the United States of America, the country of possible dreams. It is from here that I begin a great adventure, a project forged for long years with the goal of transforming lives, making them live a new conquest story with what they have in their best, love and generosity.

Maybe you’re one of those people I look for and who knows these adjectives are lost in a tangle of things. If you find them and bring them to the surface to the point that people can touch them, they will bring your life a profound change. Then we can contribute to making this world a better and more humane place.

But let’s talk a little about DreamsWeek. This company is not the beginning or the end; it is the means to reach destiny. Although the ending cannot be said at this time, I want to speak from the beginning. It all started in the 90s when I decide to be an entrepreneur, using the Internet as a tool. Since then, I have collected ideas and worked on projects, which this one is an important part.

But the watershed was when I created an NGO to help needy families from South America. After the project was completed, I realized that people had time, money, love, and generosity but could not sow something in their lives even with these characteristics.

At that point, I realized that subconsciously, people wanted to win something before they could help. They wanted first support for themselves that they could first invest in their dreams so they could invest in someone’s dreams. It was in the midst of this “first self” syndrome that I came across the need to sow dreams in people’s lives, that is, before myself, help others get there.

"If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want."
Zig Ziglar

Sometime later, I came across this phrase that had everything to do with my project. And this helped me a lot because I understood that there was an experienced and capable person telling me that I was on the right track. Since then, I have used it to show that this is a truth and entirely applicable to what I am doing.

That phrase explains everything I want to say. I have a great dream, and to realize it, I first decided to fulfill the projects of my friends, the friends of my friends, and all those around the world who have a dream that is worth fighting for. Be it your own home, your studies or a great company. It may be that we even have the vision to get there, but the truth is we do not have many willing to help us on this walk.

So I created DreamsWeek to carry out projects and with the high mission of implanting in the people the desire to be Dream Sowers.

What I desire for myself is the same as I wish to you. All that we have was given to us so that we can fight with all our strength and understanding in seeking to be what we were designed to be.

The places with the highest concentration of wealth are not stock exchanges, but the cemeteries. If we were to add the riches of the buried dreams, we would be astonished at the incalculable numbers that they could have achieved had they been put into practice. My disagreement here is that we have lost significant projects that would change the world of many people in small and large scales.

DreamsWeek is an effort on my part to prevent many of these projects and dreams from having the same fate, including mine. We are an idealized platform that will help you realize your dreams project. Our vision is that before realizing our dream, we must fulfill yours.

My Train on the Rail

We believe that before realizing a personal dream, we need to sow in other people’s dreams.

When I lived in Europe, I used a train or subway almost every day.

The train has a single rail and several stations. Before I wanted to go down, whether I wanted to or not, I had to go through and contemplate dozens of others, some smaller and some larger.

My purpose was to get to my station, but first I had to go through the stations of people I did not know. The rail is a way built to take people to their destinations; the stations lead to the destinations of others, but also they lead me to mine.

I only get to my destination through the use of a train because other people finance my trip through their tickets. Likewise, with a small personal contribution through my ticket purchase, I am involved in this collective effort to take a crowd to their homes.

With just one ticket, I would not be able to take a train out of your garage to take me alone to my destination because the displacement of that means of transportation does not require just one but thousands of them. This is the train; it only moves if people are willing to enter it and pay. It fulfills its mission and takes others to their stations.

With your dream, it’s the same thing – it’s a big train. People should gather around him to make him walk.

If you have a dream (TRAIN), but you do not have a path to it (RAIL), you can’t be reaching your goal (STATION).

I Have a Dream

I can never compare to Martin Luther King, but his attitude is an excellent source of my inspiration.

As he had a dream of equal civil rights for everyone in the United States, I have a vision of an available income not only for all Americans but all people.

The American dream is an achievement through hard work, where each person uses his or her talent and potential, or in other words, makes use of his or her individual ability to establish a higher purpose. If you have the goal of doing more for yourself and your family, for your community or the world, yes you can–that is the dream.

No matter whether you were born rich or poor, there will always be something more significant to be done and a challenge to be faced.

We do not want to enter into all the details that surround this dream, for it would not fit into many concepts, but only that which most desire, which is easy to understand and acceptable to all: Climb the social ladder.

What we propose in practice is that you live this dream according to the very definitions of the American government and not by Hollywood standards. That does not mean you have to live in America. The American dream can be lived wherever you are, in your smallest city or your most uncomplicated neighborhood

A Final Consideration

If you have got this far in this reading, I have one last thing to say: if you have the train, we have the rail.

We have a path and an opportunity; just decide to reach your long-awaited destination. Aside from being together on this trip, we can help bring thousands of people home.

Sowing dreams are not only a way of showing my generosity but also a natural formula that everything I sow I can reap.

Have Fun and Dream!

Wil Freire 
Founder & CEO
Dreamsweek Company

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