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Average American Income x Global Income

These days governments, entrepreneurs, and economists are involved in a great discussion about a Basic Global Income for each citizen. What income is that? This is what I want to discuss with you at this moment. Well, you can find countless articles in the main media of all countries and in videos on Youtube. You can also find out what we think about it and what our strategy is to face this real threat on our dreamsweek.com page. The first

The fourth industrial revolution and its effects

The fourth industrial revolution is the current and developing environment in which disruptive technologies and trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way we live and work. The fourth industrial revolution is growing out of the third but is considered a new era rather than a continuation because of the explosiveness of its development and the disruptiveness of its technologies. The Fourth Industrial Revolution heralds a series of
The fourth industrial revolution

Global Basic Income of Dreams

Opinions about global basic income spread throughout the world. A guaranteed salary for each person exempt from any work conquers adepts amid the great fortunes. There’s something foggy on the horizon! Black Clouds Loaded! Here in Florida in the cold months, when we encounter such a situation, we can not know if it is rain or a cold front. Expert and mega entrepreneurs cannot say for sure how it is and how it will be the solution for the advancement
American Basic Income

First DreamShare Funding Campaign

When we come to the end of another year, we all wonder about what the next will be like, what the fights will be and what the achievements will be. For you to put your best expectations on the rails, we want to invite you to participate in our special promotion and so have something already designed for the new year. Dreamweek aims to finance 4 projects in October 2019 and one of them can be yours. To fully enter

The Zacch Mind Style

By Wil Freire Dreamsweek Team There are many things in life that we cannot understand and others we do not want to follow. Those that we cannot understand, we probably will not need, as long as we really cannot understand, even if we make exhaustive attempts. But those we do not want to follow are likely paths that would take us to high places and perhaps without even realizing that we would find the real meaning of our existence there.

Dream and Purpose

In this post, I want to talk particularly about dreams and purpose. For us to get there, we must tread down a sowing path. And no one can have a plantation and, consequently, a good harvest if there is not an expert sower. You must surely have heard someone say: God has a purpose for your life! And you must have thought, yeah, but He has it for everyone! Well, it's true. He has it for everyone because nobody came

Finding the Courage to Grow

Have you ever thought about the essential ingredient for growth? It’s the one thing you absolutely must have if you want to increase your ability to get better in any area. And yet it’s often the hardest thing for a person seeking growth to find. What might that one thing be? Courage. Now, that may sound a bit overstated, but I promise you it’s not. The appeal of just “good enough” is powerful, so whenever someone decides to go beyond

Seeing the Way to Gratitude

  I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking a lot about turkey and stuffing lately. Of course, that’s because Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States. But food is not the only thing the holiday makes me think of. At this time of year, I’m reminded of the idea behind the day. While the tradition dates to the 1620s, the official holiday didn’t come into existence until 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation to set aside the

Put your drean to the test

put your drean to the test Do you dream big?  Now you can put your dream to the test and bring it to life! What’s the difference between a dreamer and someone who achieves a dream? According to best-selling author Dr. John Maxwell, the answer lies in answering ten powerful, yet straightforward, questions. Whether you’ve lost sight of an old dream or you are searching for a new one within you,Put Your Dream to the Test provides a step-by-step action