One who pays heed to the wind will never sow, and one who watches the clouds will never reap.

Seed Coupon

The opportunity for you to be a Dream's Sowers!

To reap, we need to sow at the right time!

You will learn step by step the process of planting and harvesting with plenty!

Our coupons are real seeds in fertile soil. When they are launched, they will yield exceptional profits

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Be a Sower of Vision! You can have an amazing harvest through simple sowing.


Nosso primeiro objetivo é treinar as pessoas para que cumpram seu propósito através de seu elaborado e consultivo projeto.


Our second goal is to fund some of these projects through our community around the world.


Our third goal is to get some of these established companies to fund other promising projects.


Our fourth goal is to make each member have an income that allows him to prepare for the market.

The power of the seed

If you entered here because you registered through a Seed Coupon, find out what are the great advantages of this coupon received and what the possibilities it allows you to achieve on our platform.


Up to seven days to enjoy the best

First, it allows you to have a free common annual subscription for any plan if you use the seed coupon within 7 days after receiving it. And up to 30 days for an account similar to the person who invited you.

  • Sowing on the best time - Up to 7 days.
  •  Sowing on the time - Up to 30 days
  •  There's no sowing out of time - After 30 days

This means that:
- Even if your friend has a Plus Plan at a $ 500 account, you can, for example, select the $ 1800 Plan Backer within 7 days.
- However, if this period expires, you still have 30 more days to register with a paid plan, but now you will not be able to choose any plan but only the Plus Plan, which is exactly the same plan as your friend owns.
- If the 30-day period expires, the coupon loses its validity. You and the person who invited you, lose a valuable seed.


Simple starter program

Second, your coupon can also be used for the Beginners Program. This is the easiest way to start your journey.
- In this case, you participate in an 18-month program
- You subscribe with a 90% discount or for free through the seed coupon received. In this program, your first renewal will be in 6 months with a 60% discount.
- The second renewal takes place in 12 months with a 30% discount
- The third with 18 months without discount, and you must decide for a recurring subscription of the total amount in cash or in installments.
- In this program you have a second gift, you receive 2 Seed Coupons to give to your friends.


Submitting your project immediately

Third, it allows you to present your project immediately
- Dreamshare is exclusive for members with paid plans and you will be fully qualified for the next campaigns.


Building a higher average American income.

Fourth, the opportunity to earn a recurring average American income through the Amdreall Program
- Although this program is for all members, including free members, with a paid plan you can build a higher average American income.

Backer plan table - $ 300k Annually

This Backer plan table shows us an average gain based on only 9 references. The proposal of our Amdreall program is that our members do not need to make dozens or hundreds of referrals to have an average American income. Our goal is to motivate you to achieve at least your 9 references, as they will give you a recurring income each year.

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