Be a local or regional director 

have the courage to be different and make a commitment to make a difference!

I am interested in being a LOCAL DIRECTOR

If you have a potential, talent and wish to fulfill your life purpose, join our team and be a sower of dreams.

Fill out this form saying a little about yourself, what you do and your city.

If in addition to you, you care about others, then you can add a lot to our network and help us change the world of thousands of people on our planet.

Come, have the courage to be different and commit to making a difference.

 About the local director 
 Finally, a local director is committed to the personal contact with a future member or user. Your participation will be fundamental to the achievements of DODs and Talk Dream.

The local director will be the closest agent to people with dreams and projects, leaders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropic and religious entities.

When a member of your city is funded, they earn a bonus based on a certain amount of funds, as well as an air ticket to participate in the program. Dream Share Reward (DSR) in Orlando.

More details on how to be a director in your city can be obtained by sending this form to our team. Feel free to talk a little about yourself, your city and your people. 

 Important notes 
1 - Local and Regional Representations can be profitable and rewarding in several ways:

First - you can build your cycle based on your plan to earn commissions and bonuses;

Second - based on your efforts, your project can be selected for DreamShare and funded;

2 - A significant advantage of being a director is that you will not be building your cycle alone, but all those who are somewhere in the world and have an acquaintance in your city. Then, your chances will increase over time, because at a specific time, a crowd will be working in your favor.

3 - Among the projects selected for DreamShare there will always be a vacancy for regional or local directors. This leads to a greater chance of financing.

4 - The regional Director will have the "One" affiliate plan as a bonus, totally free.

5 - The local Director will have as a bonus the affiliate plan, "Plus", totally free. 

Be a local director, contact us!

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