Dream’s Sowers Team

We are all Dream's Sowers within the community, but we have a special team that does the heavy lifting so that every DreamShare Campaign is a real success. These are the ones we call Sower's Team. See how this team works and assists each member selected in the monthly campaigns.

Global Director
The global director is responsible for all the directors, especially the National Directors, with whom he will have direct and personal contact. He has the task of finding, coaching, and motivating them to make DreamShare campaigns successful.

This team lives in Orlando. From our office, they command the Regional Directors of their countries.

National Director
The National Director is a sower whose purpose is to find Regional Directors. From Orlando, he manages meetings, sets goals, and gives lectures online. He will also be present at all important meetings, as well as at all national conferences.

He divides his time between the US and his country of origin. Take the information straight from the central meeting in Orlando to your state directors. These meetings are held in various parts of the country to train your team to be productive in each campaign.

Regional Director
Usually, a Regional Director is a Director of a particular state, but this is not a rule. A state can be divided into regions to facilitate the displacement of directors to specific meetings.

The Regional Director must form its Local team. He must find and train a Director in each city in that region. As the national director, he must make regular trips to the places to provide knowledge to his team or to participate in DODs (Dream's Opportunity Dinner)

Local Director
Ultimately, a local director is committed to a personal contact with a member or future user. Their participation will be fundamental to the accomplishments of the DODs and Talk Dream.

The local director will be the closest agent to people with dreams and projects, leaders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropic and religious entities.

When a member of your city is funded, it earns a bonus based on a certain amount of funding, plus a airfare to participate in the Dream Share Reward (DSR) in Orlando.

Further details on how to be a Director in your city can be obtained by sending this form to our team. Feel free to talk a little about yourself, your city, and your people.

If there is an interest on your part, you can fill out a form by
clicking here.

Important Notes
1- Local and Regional Directors can be profitable and rewarding in several ways:

First - he can build his cycle based on his plan to earn commissions and bonuses;

Second - based on your efforts, your project can be selected for DreamShare and be funded;

​2 - A significant advantage of being a Director is that not only he will be building his cycle, but all those who are somewhere in the world and have an acquaintance anybody in his city. So, your chances are getting bigger as time goes by, for at a specific moment, a crowd will be working in your favor.

3 - Among the projects selected for DreamShare, there will always be a vacancy for regional or local directors. This leads them to a greater chance of funding.

4 - The Regional Director will have as bonus and the affiliate plan "One" completely free.

5 - The Local Director will have as a bonus the plan of affiliate, "Plus" it is completely free.

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