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ABOUT OUR SEVERAL EVENTSDreamsweek promotes business meetings for all those people who have a dream or a project to be deployed. There are some differences between them as they can be “face to face” or online, local or international.

ONLINE MEETINGIt is a small group or one-on-one meeting, organized by our agents, directors, primes200, and even by our members, to clarify doubts or to inform news to the community.Media used:– Zoom Meeting- Facebook Live- YouTube Live- Google Hangouts- Others

TALK DREAM LIVELOCAL and REGIONALAll local directors can organize a live talking in your city. To this meeting, are invited people who have something great and original to be passed on to others, to motivate them to fight for what they dream.It is a meeting held in an auditorium and it may have a cocktail or not, may be charged or not. Guests can be from the city, region, or country and do not necessarily they have to be involved on Dreamsweek.This type of meeting has at least one testimony and a presentation of Dreamsweek, and it focuses on the purposes of DreamShare, Amdreal, and Nineten Club.DREAM’S LIVE TALKING shows guests that there is an opportunity for everyone who wants to build something, even if one does not have the money to start.

DINNER AND BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY – DBOLOCAL and REGIONALAll regional directors hold a DBO in their city, which should primarily be the largest and the most well-structured in the state. To this meeting are also invited the local directors (cities), who must invite their guests.The Dinner and Bussiness Opportunity (DBO) is a business meeting, which can be a talk with a dinner party or a cocktail party.The idea is that while they talk at the end of the meeting, the guests can sit down with one of the agents and register. Those who understood the Sowing Dreams project are invited to be members, explaining to them all the benefits of each plan and its myriad possibilities.

DREAMSHARE REWARD – ORLANDODreamShare Reward (DSR)It happens monthly in USA’s city with the goal of rewarding the dreamers of the DreamShare campaign and delivering the bonuses to the selected TopMembers.Also, in this event, it will be announced the four members chosen for the campaign of the following month.

DREAM’S SOWERS NATIONAL CONFERENCEIt happens 2 to 4 times a year in a place previously chosen in that country, to train local and regional directors and their best affiliates, to prepare them with the latest guidelines and tools of our platform.Our focus is to train them for a vision of sharing and generosity, where everyone can be good sowers of dreams.

DREAM’S SOWERS – GLOBAL CONFERENCEIt happens once a year in USA’s city. It is a few days conference with the participation of some high international names, and as well it will have the involvement of some members that had the main projects approved, and directors of diverse corners of the planet.

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