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Start with resolutions for the year 2021


We hope that everything you did during the holidays was pleasant and that you are ready to receive 2021 with a new perspective. While you are getting back to the normal pace of things, now is the perfect time to turn the hope of this new year into something big and promising.

Did you know that you are more likely to achieve your goals when in fact you determine something to be done? 

This is the right time to move things from the point of stagnation to the point of arrival.
There is no way to harvest if there is no sowing. So you need to do this if you want to reap everything you have planned, even though you know that there are difficulties ahead.
Our First Project Financing Campaign is already underway. We have some partners who have invited their friends for this financing, they are what we call Social Sowers. Each is inviting 100 friends from their social networks to present their projects by placing them on a financing line.
You can contribute to the realization of that dream and the implementation of these projects, sowing in each one. By making a voluntary contribution, you will have the opportunity to start your participation on the platform with a super special discount.

This will put you in great circumstances this year:

1- The opportunity for you to help one of the projects to be financed;

2- The opportunity for a special discount for your initiation, which can be as low as $ 5;

3- The opportunity to send your own project to be financed;

4- The opportunity for you to build an average American income of $ 80,000 to $ 300,000 per year.

Your chance:

This is a promotional campaign for the Guests-100, people invited from our Social Sowers Partners. But when making a contribution to the campaign you have the same privileges: receive a 99% discount on all our plans, send your project to the financing line, and participate in the Amdreall Income Program.

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Wil Freire is the creator of the Dreamsweek platform based in Orlando, Florida. Born in Brazil, he lived in Europe and has now lived in the US for over 16 years. He is married, father, Christian, musician, entrepreneur and web developer.

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