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GuestDreamer is the person who arrives at our platform from the audience of a WorkPro or Social Sower member.

At Workpro the objective is to participate in the contest that will allow the chosen person to obtain an annual Paid Plan and be one of the 20 members listed for the DreamShare Campaign.

At Social Sower, the goal is to invite 100 people from each audience to the Guest-100 program, of which one participant is selected for the monthly list of the Dreamshare Campaign.

The funding for a GuestDreamer is based on the values of the Plano Plus less the Social Sower commission as you can see in the chart above.

When a Guest purchases sign up a plan two things happen:
a - The financing amount is similar to the signed plan.
b -  The amount will be full as for all other members when he decides on a paid plan.

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