Social Sower Partners

Who can be, what to do and what is the reward of a Social Sower

Anyone can be a Social Sower. For that, he must have been invited or sent us an application for analysis.

A Social Sower must have:

  • A Social Network above 500 people;
  • Willingness to work with internet marketing;
  • Willingness to support people in their projects;
  • I wish to create passive income for you and your friends;
  • Willingness to learn and teach;
  • Challenge to write texts, record videos and post them;

What is the reward of a social sower?

  • The first is that he fulfills the mission of helping people;
  • Get a free annual subscription;
  • Commission and Bonus to reach the average American income;
  • They can submit your project for funding;
  • Commission for funding the GuestDreamer

Get the complete guide

If you want to apply for Social Sower or even know more about it, just click below.

When making your application you will receive our complete guide on how this partnership program works.

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