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We all know that many want to be seen on the internet and others only among their friends. Some want to be famous and others feel that the more anonymous, the better.

The truth is that we sometimes become suspicious when we fill specific forms online. This is most evident when we have something important, which we do not want share publicly or for people to even know who we are.But without wishing to enter into this issue, the fact is that some people do not want to be identified. That’s why we use avatars and nicknames on our platform.As a member, you can be anonymous if you want. If this is your choice, you can hide your email and use only your username and an avatar.You can remain anonymous until the DSR or DSGC, when you receive the value of your project and your name and photo will be disclosed.But there are some situations in which a specific member must be anonymous:A- When a Top 10 or 100 is selected for the SeedBonus.B- And when the member is selected among the 16 projects for DreamShare.

Here is an example of an avatar

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Click here and set your avatar in seconds.

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