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Average American Income x Global Income


These days governments, entrepreneurs, and economists are involved in a great discussion about a Basic Global Income for each citizen. What income is that? This is what I want to discuss with you at this moment.

Well, you can find countless articles in the main media of all countries and in videos on Youtube. You can also find out what we think about it and what our strategy is to face this real threat on our dreamsweek.com page.

The first thing we must understand is that it is an income for people with job losses and quality of life caused by technology. This is the great and widely debated discussion, why hundreds of professions around the world are at stake.

Average American Income x Global Income – In Portuguese

If you stop to think, some professions already are gone for some time. Here in the USA, there is no gas station attendant, cashiers are running out and taxi drivers are rare. Truck and bus drivers, accountants, cooks, teachers, and lawyers are high-risk professions for years to come.

It is estimated that in just 10 years, 38% of jobs in the United States will no longer be occupied by humans. They will be replaced by robots and other forms of Artificial Intelligence

These numbers are more dramatic in the area of ​​financial services, reaching 61%

There are many defenders for this income, such as Mark and Elon Musk. But no one has yet reached into their pockets to solve the problem they have created. They are throwing everything on the backs of governments and washing their hands of their responsibilities, given that they will be the biggest beneficiaries of income or the biggest losers without it.

They don’t know where the money will come from. They say $ 10,000 or more for every American citizen coming from the government system.

We believe that this problem is ours and we have to solve it, not letting that government dictate what we have to do or how much we should earn.

So we don’t have an income theory at Dreamsweek, we have an income proposal for all our members.

This is not a Basic Income as I mentioned, because it just prevents people from starving to death in extreme situations or a supplement to their existing income. But it is an average American income that goes far beyond ordinary income. An income that really puts you in the American dream.

We don’t believe that giving people money solves the problem. They must be involved in something that makes them useful and that brings some transformation, otherwise, they will become passive. This is the case of Finland, which established a pilot project but which was closed down by the simple fact that people were stagnant.

Passive income is a big reality these days. There are different ways on the market and many are taking advantage of all these new opportunities.

Come to know our way and discover the opportunity that you always dreamed of having and that today can become a reality.

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Wil Freire is the creator of the Dreamsweek platform based in Orlando, Florida. Born in Brazil, he lived in Europe and has now lived in the US for over 16 years. He is married, father, Christian, musician, entrepreneur and web developer.

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