Dream and Purpose

Dream and Purpose


In this post, I want to talk particularly about dreams and purpose. For us to get there, we must tread down a sowing path. And no one can have a plantation and, consequently, a good harvest if there is not an expert sower.

You must surely have heard someone say: God has a purpose for your life! And you must have thought, yeah, but He has it for everyone!

Well, it's true. He has it for everyone because nobody came into this world without a definite purpose. But perhaps what you do not know is that your goal is unique; it is yours, and if you do nothing with it, unfortunately, others will not be able to do it. And this is merely disappointing and sad.

Before dreams, there is a purpose, for it is through it that ideas are born in the soul and occupy the mind and heart. The reason that dreams exist is, first and foremost, because there is a purpose.

Because there is a purpose and because we want to reach it, we begin to dream to achieve it.

Here is precisely the reason that so many people do not dream or, instead, do not put their dreams into practice. Some do not know their purpose, and others, when visualizing the dimension of their mission, become discouraged. Most prefer the comfort and security of their fixed, regular employment, for example.

There is nothing wrong with a fixed, regular employment; the mistake is just when you have a dream more significant than this job. In this case, your purpose is compromised because you do not get so far, so high, without flying risky flights towards that goal, which often implies leaving your comfort zone.

Dreams are well-positioned steps, used so that we can reach and fulfill our purpose. The purpose is the reason for our existence, and if we live a life without discovering the revolution that it can do in our lives, we will undoubtedly be the unhappiest of beings.

Having a reason for our existence, we cannot die without discovering the revolution that it can do in our lives! If something significant and revolutionary happens to me, it will be impossible for other people not to be hit.

About dreams, I can say that we can have several of them, but we only have one purpose. That is why we cannot miss the target, resulting in an incomplete life, devoid of passion for talent and potential, pillars of the construction of an entirely realized life.

All our dreams must converge for this purpose because it is higher than my thoughts and undoubtedly the reason for my existence..

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Wil Freire is the creator of the Dreamsweek platform based in Orlando, Florida. Born in Brazil, he lived in Europe and has now lived in the US for over 16 years. He is married, father, Christian, musician, entrepreneur and web developer.

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