Discover Your Dream Route.
Be a  

Discover Your Dream Route.
Be a  Guest-Dreamer.

1st Step:

Book your place between the guest-Dreamers

If you are not part of our Social Sowers Networks, fill out this form and join the external guest queue.

Social Sower Partners Program

Welcome to your new route

Imagine if you could simply click to engage people to make his life's better?

Without any evasive excuse, no distraction, and no change in your daily routine? And with this attitude, sow and reap abundantly a recurring passive income?

That's our goal with Social Sowers.

In fact, the Guest-100 program is the easiest, fastest, and most powerful way for you to achieve an average American income you have always longed for.

Of course, you should be suspicious of grand claims like this.

So rather than tell you, let us show you.

You can access my personal page for more information.

The three stops on your route

We all have the chip of generosity, just click to put it into action. Our attitude in this direction can change the lives of people and families, and, consequently, society. Generosity is when one supports the well-being of another without establishing an object of exchange.


Register as my guest. Decide on a short and easy-to-remember username and use your best email to be always well informed.


Participate actively in the campaign. Being active in each process is critical for the member. Permanent participation is important for a user to stand out.


Learn how to use the platform and invite people to a new financing vision. Get people to change their financial lives by earning commission and bonuses with this mission.

2nd Step:

Get a Free Account

Get Started With DreamsWeek

The program is exclusive for Social Sowers' guests and aims to facilitate their participation with a paid subscription on the platform. The funding aims to get my guests to participate in the campaign with just one free account.

Get access to this short training and know all the details of the campaign and the program developed for guests. To access, you must have at least one free account.

Our message regarding our goals.

Osmar Millard SS/Partner

"Helping people achieve their dreams is our greatest challenge. Join us and make a difference in the lives of your friends or your community."

Wil Freire CEO/Founder

"We all have a personal challenge and we all need to somehow complete a journey to achieve it. We can do this alone or accompanied!"

Lucas Emanuel SS/Director

"Our goal is not just to finance projects, whether personal or business. But also reward those who understand the importance of investing in people's purposes.."

3rd Step

Make your first contribution to the DreamShare campaign projects.

Get your 99% discount

How to get the discount for the Guests Program

The campaign and program are exclusive to Social Sower guests. But in this first Dreamshare, all those who decide to support by making a contribution, get a discount of 99% to be able to participate in the program.

The discount is within the support form. You must check the checkbox to receive the discount in your email

This first DreamShare involves twenty selected members. The support made here is to reach up to $ 400 thousand for each participant. 

Social Sowers

The Social Sowers are our partners and invite candidates to the campaign.

Social Sowers are active people on their social networks and invited to be part of this campaign. The goal is that they invite 100 users of their audience so that among them, one is selected to occupy one of the 4 vacancies and be financed in the Dreamshare campaign.

To join a team or make a contribution to the campaign, select one of the partners below.

Diego Moraes

Social Sower 

We are raising funds as partner sowers on the platform.

Juliana Domene

Social Sower

We are raising funds as partner sowers on the platform.

Lucas Emanuel

Social Sower

We are raising funds as partner sowers on the platform.

Visit the official Campaign page

4th Step

Use your discount coupon to get a paid plan

When making a contribution to your own campaign, you will have a special discount to sign up as a paid member. Use the coupon you receive in your email shortly after making a contribution.

This discount is available to all those who make an investment exclusively for the first Dreamshare campaign, that is, if you are one of the guests or just arrived here through an advertisement, the privileges are the same. You can make a contribution right now, receive your coupon and sign up to participate in the next campaign, and participate in the Amdreall Program.

Amdreall is a passive income program through commissions and bonuses on a recurring basis. In a few months, you will be able to build your income based on the American middle class. This will enable you to live in a dignified and fair manner anywhere on the planet.

Let's Find Your Dream Plan

When you receive your coupon, you can access the plans and prices page, enter it in the field at the top of this page, choose your plan and then click on subscribe just below each one. To access the page just click on the link below..

5th Step

Share this opportunity with your friends

You can do this using the icons below. To do this effectively you must be logged in.

What Our Partners Have to Say:

"A platform to build our financial security."

“We all aim to build an income that gives us security to make commitments with housing, transportation, children's education, travel, health and retirement. Here we have a real opportunity to make all of this possible.”

Juliana Domene

Social Sower Partner

Be Our Partner

We are a team of seeders! Much more than words we want to offer something concrete to each member of the platform, whether giving or receiving. If you believe that good ideas can become dreams and dreams in real projects, here is your opportunity to transform lives by allowing them to create a new story.

Become a Sponsor member and use your influence to support people.

The Sponsor Pro or Pal plan is for people with some engagement or a high social engagement. Basically, the main purpose of participating in this plan is to support Social Sower and its team, helping them to achieve the funding goal.

After that, Sponsors will be able to continue supporting future campaigns and no longer a specific Social Sower.

Learn more about this plan by downloading our full guide or reading more about it.

Guest sowers program

Social Sower

Social Sowers are active partners in their social networks who have decided to support their friends in building their dreams and projects.

influencers program


WorkPros are partners with professional channels. They are influencers who want to find transformation for their audience.

local and national

Directors Team

Directors are local, regional, and national partners who seek to offer a new story to people in their community.

Common Questions

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What is the average American income?

What Is My Control Over Funded Capital? 

What is the Amdreall Program Income? 

What are the criteria for selecting projects?

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