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Global Basic Income of Dreams

American Basic Income


Opinions about global basic income spread throughout the world. A guaranteed salary for each person exempt from any work conquers adepts amid the great fortunes.

There’s something foggy on the horizon! Black Clouds Loaded! Here in Florida in the cold months, when we encounter such a situation, we can not know if it is rain or a cold front. Expert and mega entrepreneurs cannot say for sure how it is and how it will be the solution for the advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence that is already a reality in our day and age. There is nothing more to discuss, the clouds are, and they are over our heads, and they bring with them two things: riches for some and inequality for thousands!

The fact is that we are at the center of a hostile climate, in which most people still do not know how to define what is. Some unsuspecting people may think it is cold, but others say categorically that it is heavy rain, with winds capable of destroying all that lies ahead.

This hostile center is about the fourth industrial revolution. The other three, all or almost all, survived the technological advances of the time, without significant proportions. It is said that at that time the economies were not as closely linked as they are now. Also, today this conjuncture is about something global, no longer a national or regional situation.

In this fourth revolution will be everything faster, because everything is in the speed of the bytes, speed of mega computers and artificial intelligence. We have to shelter ourselves as soon as possible because in doubt it is better to be safe than to face inclement weather without the necessary protection.

I do not particularly believe that the governmental system will be the solution to the problem, because it incurs many interests at the same time. The solution, in my view, is much closer to an individual and corporate initiative that has the vision and non-fragmented mission of an ideal. A monocratic or even collective decision based on values and beliefs would be the quickest and easiest way to get to the nerve end of the new revolution brought about by high technology, creating a global basic income without major difficulties.

The solution that aims to give each citizen a salary just because he is alive, ie the overall basic income, creates many aggravating following facts. I quote two here: first is the enlargement of the state and second is human passivity. The state has never been complacent and will never be because beyond the personal interests of its leaders, corporate and national interests, there are also international interests, and this can lead to strong single-government pressure.

As for the human being, this is the worst way to deal with your yearnings and your most basic needs. Passivity is the most severe position of a person. To the holder of such a provision is the severe risk of a total collapse, whether personal or collective. The challenges were what brought us here. Challenges extreme, to the point of putting one’s life at risk, in search of an idea, a solution, a discovery.

There is a prevailing feeling in any form of government, and it is called selfishness, and for them, if the discussion about global basic income is distant, the better. It’s in the governments because they are made up of people, and most people are contaminated with this virus. No plague kills more than selfishness. So it will continue killing if we do not apply the fastest definitive vaccine.

There will be inequality as never before in human history, and it will not come as a horse-drawn wagon, to the despair of some. If so, we could prepare for his arrival, taking a shower, making coffee, and chatting around the table for a long time. The process is ready, and your application will affect people around the world very fast.

Supporting people who will lose with artificial intelligence and globalization has been the topic among many researchers. However, they do not have the power to convince an entrepreneur to do more for others merely because they feel that such people have lost because losing and earning to them is part of the market game, and in this case, a global basic income is out of the question. As former President Kennedy said of America: “Our business is to do business.” When this predominates, losing and winning is normal and perfectly acceptable.

We live an egoistic epidemic, and there will be no vaccine-free solution. If you look closely at children, few of them are willing to share their toys with others. A person who goes to the mall and makes a million-dollar purchase in a single store. People who would rather leave their inheritance for a cat instead of a human. We must be urgently vaccinated if adults or well-nourished of compassion if a child.

As everyone is susceptible to the virus, the good news is that everyone is also immune to it. Just knowing how to use your free power can eliminate once and for all the deadly virus that prevents thousands of people from living a healthy, just and fulfilling life. This vaccine is called generosity. With it, the highest ambitions are disarmed and deferred to the detriment of the common good.

The solution lies in understanding that I can be prosperous and my neighbor as well. I can be prosperous and a peasant too. The solution lies in me believing that this is possible and acting generously so that this is established as absolute truth and not a philosophy of interests.

For example. The UN that is a biased and irrelevant organization gets billions out of our pocket to solve these problems and raise awareness, and yet independent humanitarian organizations have done more for the people than this arm of controversial governments. In defense of obscure interests, they act in a way to solve human morality by an ambiguous humanistic concept and devoid of clarity and truth.

Everyone has an opinion and view on this global basic income, but no one has yet taken a real position on it, other than a few Scandinavian countries, which they are turning back from their decision due to the numerous problems faced with such passivity of its beneficiaries.

The truth is evident and must be seen from the front; each person must have at least some form of involvement that makes him useful and productive. Without valuing and personal commitment, there can be no solution to the problem of basic income.

What causes a family to survive in the desert? It is a simple fact of living in love and generosity. Because what is of one is of all.

There is a very successful example in the so-called early Christian church. In the name of the common good, the richest helped the poorest to live and have what they have always dreamed of, a balanced, just, worthy and hopeful life.

Only through generosity can we break the cycle of inequality, which from generation to generation has created millionaires without purpose and poor without hope. I remember Eike Batista answering a question about where he wanted to go. “I want to be the richest man in the world.” For what? “Just to be” was what one understood. This is the most perverse human virus.

The American system is ruthless with the poor, for it is they who pay the bills, but who can be reverted to a lavish system. We all want money, but few want to share it. So how about sharing so you can have it? How about planting to harvest?

The systems are preparing to receive but never to give. Dar is not part of the scope, of philosophy. The more I can draw from someone, the more venerated I will be and so on a thirsty quest to be in the rank of billionaires.

Dreamsweek does not have a vague idea or proposal; it has a viable program based on the American system itself and the lifestyle experienced by its citizens. No one necessarily has to own everything he needs to live well throughout his life.

I do not see the need to have a luxury yacht and not be able to enjoy it every week or month. If you have an average income, I can rent one for a few days when there is space in my schedule. Also, do not lose money to keep him standing so long to say that I have a dreamboat of many people.

Sharing is the fashion of the future. Virtually all of us have been taught to be in solidarity with each other as a child. However, unfortunately, the system pressured us and with its soulless tactics made us petrified, insensitive to the needs of the people.

Today we share our homes on Airbnb, our cars on Uber, our privacy on social networks. We also share our money for the system to be funded. However, it turns out that financing the system does not bring benefits to people at the end of the line, because that same system makes a particular choice of those who will give them profits, and immediate profits because, in the long run, they do not care.

So we do not know much about the fact that you and I share our money with other people. Banks do this without telling you too much about the process. However, if you were helping others with this method to improve their lives, it would be acceptable, but what happens is that we are making these institutions increasingly rich and often cruel to their clients. So as everything is changing with technology, the time has come for us also to revisit this means of concentration of wealth.

The government gave carte blanche to these large corporations so they could negotiate with ordinary people without much knowledge of the system but eager to become wealthy. This led many to success, but also many others to failure. Mega companies and multi-million dollar salaries were created for CEOs, something unimaginable for an employee. The state of Oregon has imposed a tax on companies that pay their CEOs a hundred times more than the worker.

If you do not wonder at the fact that most of the planet’s wealth is in the hands of 3% of your population, you may be part of that 3%, or you may not be sensitized with abysmal inequality from one end to the other.

Most people in the US do not own their homes, they finance for 30 years and when they pay they sell and finance again. People have long used energy, water, telephone, third-party television without this being a problem for them. Therefore, the system of sharing is there, and it is precisely in this perception that we must walk to have an income system.

We must create a program where everyone wins, with equal opportunities, where the government stays apart and where human passivity is eliminated. Helping people who do not want to help themselves and do not care about the needs of others does not make sense. That is why the idea of ​​many advocates of Global Basic Income does not settle and is no longer in love. It does not bring transformation to people, it only uses them so that the system of large corporations continue to function.

Our platform has four main bases, and one of them is our income program for our members, which, by the way, occupies the fourth place. This means that it is not mandatory; it is optional. Although our plans and bases are intertwined, they are distinct from each other, but with the sole purpose of allowing sharing and bringing transformation to users.

I do not think the government can solve people’s income problems in the short term. This is a problem that must be solved with the participation of all. However, as everyone does not think the same way, soon each one does his part and his way to be able to solve the problem. The fact is that a global basic income is at the center of discussion in large part of the world forums.

If you are one of those who thinks that the government is the one who should take the lead, it is worth remembering that in Finland the government maintained a pilot program with 2000 thousand people. They said they would not continue; they will cancel the program because people have become passive in the face of having an income without any personal effort.

The point is we do not have time; the facts are real, it will come cold or rain. It remains to be seen whether it will be today or tomorrow and a global basic income will be required for all families.

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Wil Freire is the creator of the Dreamsweek platform based in Orlando, Florida. Born in Brazil, he lived in Europe and has now lived in the US for over 16 years. He is married, father, Christian, musician, entrepreneur and web developer.

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